Hop on the Easter Express

Finally got it made up and photographed. It takes a bit of time but makes for a relaxing afternoon’s crafting on a dark and rainy day. I made this one in spring fresh colours to brighten up a real snot of a day here. It’s not fiddly – I have included guide holes in the wagon and carriages that could be used for brads to attach the wheels with so they could turn round if you so wished. There are lots of bits to it but you can make the carriages one at a time or re-purpose the gift boxes for other treats.

Not shown in the picture but included in this set  is a template for a longer carriage that will hold two of the heart-fold cube gift boxes.

The top of the cube gift box forms a heart when closed.

There is a bunny and flower cut out panel to dress the cube up for Easter.

This shows the cube and the engine ‘boiler’ gift box open. Fill with sweets , candies or easter treats! The boiler box sits on the engine wagon and forms the front of the train.

The wheels are in two layers. The inner wheel has a flower cut-out design (which means you can save the flowers for use with this or other projects!).

The wagon and carriage sides have a pretty fold-down frilly edge detail to give it a final sweet-as-a-treat touch.

It’s available to buy for €10.00 (euro) in GSD and SVG formats.You will need a Craft Robo, Silhouette or Cameo to cut it with (or similar cutting machine). Payment is via Paypal which will handle all currency conversions for you. You will receive your files in your email within 24 hours of your payment being received.

Easter train set GSD (€ [price])

Easter train set SVG (€ [price])

Thank you for looking

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  • Anne
    May 10, 2012 8:18 pm

    Really pleased with the finished product, just as good as pictured! Now I’ve got something pretty to put jewellery and keepsakes in.

  • Barbara
    March 14, 2012 10:10 pm

    OMG. I don’t think I have ever seen anything so adorable before! This is just precious. You boggle my mind!

    • webmaster
      March 15, 2012 10:34 am

      I loved the idea of boggling, made me laugh! Mr Tree calls me The Boggler now like I’m either a super hero or super villain! Depends on whether I use my new powers for good or evil! Bwahahahaa!

      Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. Have a good day, chick.

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