Hop on the bunny express!

Somebunny luvs ya! Some of you may remember the steam train I made for Christmas 2010 (http://www.thesingingtree.biz/index.php/2010/11/a-great-gift-idea/) (I created the background to it using  a tutorial from Adobetutorialz.com  ‘How to create a Christmas background with snowflakes and stars’ http://www.adobetutorialz.com/articles/30970596/1/how-to-create-christmas-background-with-snowflakes-and-stars-in-photoshop-cs5 which was fun to do and stunning when finished!). Anyway, I have no idea where I saved the file and suspect that I saved it to a USB which I’ve either lost, over-written or given to Mr Tree or the twiglets….whatever,  I missed the train!

Anyhoo, I’ve had to make it more or less from scratch using photos and here is the first prototype. Neeeearly there. I like to make up the model then critique it and list (laundry list!) the mods that I need to make – then, back to the drawing board (well, graphics tablet) as they say, make it again, take the pics, get happily absorbed in PS to create a scenic backdrop just because I love playing with graphics then post it the finished article.

It will be for sale – this has a lot of work. The boxes inside the wagons open and will hold small chocolates or candy, the box at the front of the train opens and holds a bit more.

The cube gift boxes feature a sweet cut out bunny and flower scene and the wheels have an inner cut-out flower design – leaving the flowers to be used as embellishments on the train or some other project.

This one won’t be entirely wasted, though! As you can see, it has a happy freight of chocolate eggs and bunnies which is being watched over by a couple of cheeky chicks to keep it safe till easter! I know somebody who will enjoy opening the boxes, counting out the eggs – and eating them after!

Posting tomorrow – with the bonnet and box (I WILL get round to that box, I WILL!).

Until then, chicks, be happy it’s Friday and the weekend is nearly here!

Hel x x x



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  1. Barbara says:

    That’s so, so sweet! Absolutely charming to the max!

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