Virtual chocolate has no calories

There now! I hope everybody had a lovely Mother’s Day. I did and was a very happy mum. Where does the time go?  I didn’t get any chocolates (by request) so I made myself a virtual chocolate bar in Photoshop.

I heard on the news that there’s a shortage of Marmite in New Zealand (not a random, disparate comment here – remember Mr Tree got some Marmite-flavoured chocolate in his Christmas stocking?). People are stockpiling it and the newspapers are describing it as ‘Marmageddon! Ha ha! I’d stockpile it if there was a shortage, it’s a big favourite in our house.

Driving along yesterday, a big stone hit the windscreen. If it had been thrown (it wasn’t gravel) any harder or if the car had been going any faster, it would have shattered. Huge ‘spider’s’ web of impact stress. I checked the insurance and found a pro-forma for applying and it had a check box for windshield cover. Thought to myself  ‘Bet we didn’t pay the extra for it’. Glum face. Too despondent to dig out the actual policy at that point. Was going to ring round for a few quotes but it was St Patrick’s Day bank holiday here so everywhere was shut.

Got up this morning and checked the policy first thing – we HAD taken out the windshield cover!!!  Happy dance! One quick call to the insurance company and they organised a bloke to call round and sort it out. It was all done (windshield replaced not filled) by 10.30. Brilliant service. As for the stone thrower?! Nothing I can do. The road where it happened runs parallel to a railway line. The railway line has a 6″ wall alongside the road so whoever threw the stone threw it up and over. They couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see them. Totally indiscriminate and untargetted. Stupid, dangerous and loutish behaviour nonetheless. Anyway, at least the cost of the repair was covered by insurance and not me!

If you fancy having a go yourself, the tutorial (PDF) can be downloaded here – it’s free but you’ll need to subscribe (keeps the spam bots away).

Chocolate bar Photoshop tutorial PDF

Have a great week!


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