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Picket fence box house

Here’s a little house. Lots of pretty details like window boxes, picket fence, porch, chimney, shuttered windows with sweetheart cut-outs, deckle-edged roof…  and the base folds and tucks in to make it a box. It’s not difficult to make. Basically cut and fold the pieces. Have fun glueing on the window frames, door frame, etc, in pretty contrasting paper, then add the porch, roof pieces and chimney. After that, get out your flower and butterfly punches and go to town on it. I added a bead to top off the chimney pot then added a squiggly wire for smoke. I put the cat by the door and was going to glue on a few ladybirds for good measure but couldn’t find them! Decorate with anything you like. How about a hanging number plate or your home/family name?

Cut from A4, it stands about  3 x 2.5  x 4″ high, excluding the porch, (approx  75 x 63 mm, 100 mm high). Obviously, if you’re working with a Cameo or Pro, you can scale it up for a larger version.

It’s for sale at €8.00 euro in GSD and SVG formats. If you would like a Studio file let me know and I will make it available. You will receive the template via your e-mail within 24 hours. You will need a Craft Robo, Silhouette or Cameo (or other cutting machine that accepts these file formats).

Picket fence house box SVG (€ [price])

Picket fence house box GSD (€ [price])

Have a great weekend. Thank you for looking.



Swing time

Hello there!

It’s bright and shiny here in Ireland, can almost hear the grass growing! Sure some not-so-distant neighbours can too, from the regularity (every Saturday it’s not raining) and promptness the lawnmowers are brought out. Lawns like military haircuts. The leaves on the trees look glossy with health and there’s a strand of gossamer on the window to my side that catches the breeze and shines a rainbow at me. Isn’t it just good to be alive?! What a beautiful world, or as Dougal would say ‘The sun’s out and we’re in an opticians – life doesn’t get better than that!’

Well, must crack on. Been trying to find the time to post and have a few hours this morning so best get on. I’m posting a swing card template today. Very easy to make. If you don’t know what one is, click on the thumbnail below:

I’m selling the template for the card – which includes the scalloped frame around the aperture  (the one pictured here PLUS one of a circle of little stars which is not shown). You’ll see the top and bottom of the card has a pretty deckled edge to just give it a little extra something. You will also get an instruction sheet so you can’t go wrong.

Also included is a paper button-close envelope:

This is the front – I embellished mine with a paper rose and some pretty paper (obviously not going through the post!).

And the back. The deckled card edging is echoed on the envelope to theme the card and envelope together. It has a 3 mm depth fold to allow for some embellishment on the card inside. The paper flower I used was quite plump and a little bigger but it’s ok! Still looks pretty.

It’s available in GSD and SVG formats so you’ll need a cutting machine such as a Craft Robo, Silhouette or Cameo to cut the template out. You will receive your file within 24 hours of payment being received (via Paypal which will also do any currency conversion for you). It costs €4.00 (euro).

Swing Card Template SVG (€ [price])

Swing Card Template GSD (€ [price])

Hope you like it and thank you for looking.



Rajah cat

The weather has been really gorgeous here. Golden sunshine and very comfortably warm. The sea was sparkly blue and the sky was  perfect azure with only an occasional white fluffy cloud scudding lazily now and again.

I looked out early this afternoon and saw several birds , their wings outstretched, just  soaking up the rays. Seems like they enjoy the sunshine as much as any of us.

I haven’t done half what I planned on doing. In fact, Mr Tree and I did a bit of shopping then spent a few hours bowling. I even won one game!  That’s very unusual for me. George from Drop the Dead Donkey was called a certain name for not being very good at catching and throwing but it’s very coarse so I shan’t say it here. Except it rhymes with bank hands. If I was a boy, that would be my name.

Since we got in I’ve been busy. Made a TVP lasagne and another bottle of brandy cream! Sunday is change-the-bed day so off to get on with that little job then a nice shower. There’s nothing so luxurious as a clean bed,  the feeling of being freshly showered  and a pair of soft, sweet-smelling clean pyjamas. Well, maybe – if I top it with a nice glass of brandy cream with chunks of ice and a good film to curl up with Mr Tree to watch.

I leave you with Rajah Cat. A fearless tiger of a cat which is what my cat in spirit is, I’m sure. I still look for and expect to see him. I would SO like to see him – just once would do – to see that he’s happy and having a fabulous time on the astral plane. Rajah cat was inspired by the same seventies perfume bottle that the rest of the menagerie were modelled on. All done in Illustrator, as usual, with lots of gradient meshes, shape-building and clipping masks.

Hopefully I’ll get some fun stuff done this week but I have other deadlines that must be met so can only try.

Stay positive and always reach for the thought that feels happiest. Hope you are having a great weekend.



Seventies inspiration

I was following some Pinterest links and came across an interesting one about things that reminded somebody of their childhood and found some lovely design work on a seventies perfume bottle. It inspired me to create a little flower and orange-filled menagerie. The rabbit shape was another pinned image but had no link to the original source. I tried using Tineye but it didn’t find a match so I’m stuck on giving anyone credit for the basic rabbit shape (it isn’t traced and has several points of variation to the original, though).

All the design elements were drawn in Illustrator, using Clipping Masks, Intersect and the Shapebuilder tools to crop things to the outlines.

The zigzag border is a simple brush created in Photoshop. I used the Polygon tool (set to 3 sides) to make a solid black triangle, turned it into a brush and then set the brush spacing so that each instance would be contiguous. It’s a simple matter to then hold down the Shift key to constrain each triangle to a straight line and draw a border.

I like the browns, oranges and greens. Not my usual pallette but lovely!

Photoshop tutorials

Virtual chocolate has no calories

There now! I hope everybody had a lovely Mother’s Day. I did and was a very happy mum. Where does the time go?  I didn’t get any chocolates (by request) so I made myself a virtual chocolate bar in Photoshop.

I heard on the news that there’s a shortage of Marmite in New Zealand (not a random, disparate comment here – remember Mr Tree got some Marmite-flavoured chocolate in his Christmas stocking?). People are stockpiling it and the newspapers are describing it as ‘Marmageddon! Ha ha! I’d stockpile it if there was a shortage, it’s a big favourite in our house.

Driving along yesterday, a big stone hit the windscreen. If it had been thrown (it wasn’t gravel) any harder or if the car had been going any faster, it would have shattered. Huge ‘spider’s’ web of impact stress. I checked the insurance and found a pro-forma for applying and it had a check box for windshield cover. Thought to myself  ‘Bet we didn’t pay the extra for it’. Glum face. Too despondent to dig out the actual policy at that point. Was going to ring round for a few quotes but it was St Patrick’s Day bank holiday here so everywhere was shut.

Got up this morning and checked the policy first thing – we HAD taken out the windshield cover!!!  Happy dance! One quick call to the insurance company and they organised a bloke to call round and sort it out. It was all done (windshield replaced not filled) by 10.30. Brilliant service. As for the stone thrower?! Nothing I can do. The road where it happened runs parallel to a railway line. The railway line has a 6″ wall alongside the road so whoever threw the stone threw it up and over. They couldn’t see me and I couldn’t see them. Totally indiscriminate and untargetted. Stupid, dangerous and loutish behaviour nonetheless. Anyway, at least the cost of the repair was covered by insurance and not me!

If you fancy having a go yourself, the tutorial (PDF) can be downloaded here – it’s free but you’ll need to subscribe (keeps the spam bots away).

Chocolate bar Photoshop tutorial PDF

Have a great week!


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