Kawaii Good Evening

Good evening!
I’ve been loving Illustrator again. It’s just so much fun finding new things to do with it. I’ve been playing with the gradient mesh, making art brushes, transform effects and kawaii things! Just loving it!

But,  harrumph… I have an HTC Desire phone – there are three silver letters (strangely, htc..LOL) on the back and they have all fallen out (and got lost) IN THE LAST WEEK!  Looks okay though so not that bovvered! But, harrumph all the same. Cowboys, Ted. Shoddy. Still, it lives in a phone sock (I bought an old aran jumper from a goodwill shop and boil-washed it to felt it down then cut off one of the sleeves to make it) so nobody will know.

Speak soon!

H x

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One Response to Kawaii Good Evening

  1. Barbara says:

    Oh, my – that is stunning, Helen. Breathtaking. You’ve outdone yourself!

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