Choose love

It’s hard to believe it’s February already and Valentine’s Day is just round the corner. Doesn’t time fly?! I’ve been looking at the overnumerousness (Moz – Street Countdown) of Kawaii things (pronounced Kah-why-ee) Japanese for cute or sweet). I am smitten. I bought this pencil sharpener / eraser from Paperchase last week just because it was cute and would look sweet on my computer desk. Kawaiiiiii! I have added some little cuteness to my mushroom and cloud people-things and think they are kawaii, too! Notice the swooshy brush in use here? I hope you were successful in making one for yourself with the instructions I posted. It’s very versatile.  All done in Illustrator, just for the record.

Anyway, happy February. Good luck and happiness to all you ladies intent on proposing to your partners this year! I read something that struck a chord with me recently. Don’t waste energy on feeling resentful, angry, envious or plain old mean! That uses resources your body could use to heal and restore you – why rob yourself of such power? Choose love, joy and happiness.

Hel x


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