Paper bow

I found a gorgeous paper bow tutorial today on by Tweety Attalier. It took a couple of goes to make them nicely but not long at all and they are so very pretty. The square in the middle of the bow does get a bit creased and might need a small topper like a brad or bead to add the finishing touch. Check out the pretty prints that Tweety uses and you’ll see how sweet they are!

Today is the 11th of the 1st and I wanted to post something today. I  have been seeing the number 111 and 1111 for many, many years now. Today I got an email from Linkedin – it was an empty email with a subject line that read ‘skipped record’ time stamped as 11.11. Of course. That number pops up on receipts, car park tickets, the clock… also this evening, I had a few goes on the Obstacle Course and Step and other little bits on the Wii… when I quit I did a check to see how many calories… 111. For the numerologists among you, my birthday is also 11. Theses are just a few of the ways this number has popped up before me. I wish I knew what it meant.

If anybody is having similar experiences or can offer any insights into the significance of this number I would love you to share!

Blessings to all this 11/1


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2 Responses to Paper bow

  1. webmaster says:

    Heylo there B!

    Thank you chick. 111 just keeps stalking me! So weird!

    For you it was 91? Isn’t it just so strange!

  2. Barbara says:

    Our family post office box for my whole life until my grandparents died was P.O. Box 111. Hubs and I have had amazing coincidences with the number 91, but I think it changed from a good luck number to a bad luck number. Spooky stuff!

    Great bows, though, Helen! Just gorgeous!

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