If you haven’t got your tree up yet, here’s a couple for you!

A quick posting but a good one – freebies!   There are loads of stamps like the one above – text laid out in ‘shapes’ etc. This was designed in Illustrator then pasted into PS to convert into a digi brush.  If you like this one, download here:
Free Treetext Photoshop / PSE brush (ABR)

More fun with Photoshop  – I love the stuff that Abduzeebo does. I based this on a tutorial he has on his website:http://abduzeedo.com/easy-star-light-photoshop. I included some lines using Blend Option Dissolve to add some more sparkle but the resolution here doesn’t do it justice!

I’ve also been designing a box in the shape of a Christmas tree. I saw one on the web somewhere and liked the idea and had a go at making one myself with Illustrator and my Pro. It’s free for you (go to the bottom) as an SVG and a GSD:

A few pictures to help you assemble it easily:

Happy Christmas!

Download here:
Free Christmas Tree Box

Got to dash.

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One Response to If you haven’t got your tree up yet, here’s a couple for you!

  1. Barbara says:

    OOOOHHH! What a pretty star! And a very cute tree box, as well! I have finished with Christmas, wrapped and mailed everything that needed it, and am now just planning for the next event, which is the baby shower for my son and DIL. There’ll be a new baby girl, first in the family, in April! I’m so excited after a lifetime of only boys! I love them all dearly, but what fun it will be to have a princess to spoil!

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