Want to know how to make a quick shiny foil effect in Photoshop?

Thought I’d post a very quick toot-toot – and it really is quick – on how to create a shiny, foil effect in Photoshop. I took some pictures of autumn leaves and other stuff and was playing around in Photoshop and hit on a simple way to give my images the shiny foil look – like in the thumbnails above.

Shiny Foil Effect – What to do:

  • Get your image into PS
  • Apply a colour overlay from the Layers Styles palette
  • Then go to Filter>Artistic>Sketch>Chrome

And that’s it! You might want to Bevel & Emboss (also in the Layer Styles palette) and you might want to play with the Chrome settings but these are the basic steps.

Oh – and if you want to know how to give the edges a fake postage stamp sort of look, that’s dead easy, too:

Faux Postage Stamp Effect – basic steps

  • Select a round brush,  100% hardness
  • Select the same colour as you have as your background
  • In the Brushes controls, set the spacing so that it will make a ‘dotted line’ (you’ll be able to see the effect of increasing the distance in the preview panel)
  • Create a new layer
  • Align the brush so that it sits midway on the top edge of your image, hold down Shift to constrain it to a straight line and paint your row of balls along one of your straight edges, let’s say top horizontal.
  • Copy your dotted line layer, move the dots down to sit on the bottom edge of your image.
  • Select both dotty layers and use Align to line the layers up on the left or right edge.
  • Create a new layer, use the same brush and then draw a vertical row of dots down the left edge of the image.
  • Copy that layer and move the dots over to the right side of the image.
  • Select both of those vertical dotty layers and use Align to line up the tops or bottoms.

For a little more realism, you can apply a Drop-Shadow in Layer Styles.

Ha! Hours of fun… off to play about some more!

H x



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