Pom-Pom Peggies

Or Peggy Pin Up. Clothes peg dollies (clothespin in the US!) are fun to do and can be dressed up and glamourised as much as you like. This is the first one I’ve made in years and I need to make at least one more for some better pictures but if you’re fairly crafty, you’ll get  get the idea and be able to make your own.  As you can see, this Peggy has a pom-pom dress with  butterfly wings. I made the pom-pom with a circle of cardboard with a hole in the middle. The wings came from a cheapy shop – 6 butterflies for 3 euro, I think they were. Someone has asked me to write it all up from the peg to the pom-pom as a PDF to use to lead a group and make some as Christmas decorations. I’ve got as far as the front cover…


Hopefully, will get the rest written up and posted soon.

Be good and play nicely!


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