Etched glass jars

Have been keeping busy to take my mind off things  though I still catch myself about to speak to him when I pass by his favourite comfy spots around the house and miss him badly.  Thankfully, there’s lots to do and I’ve made a start on a couple of etched glass jars for Christmas gifts. The ones for last year are already on the blog ( but here is my latest:

I haven’t personalised it cos I’m not sure who to give it to yet. The next one will be bespoke though! The Craft Robot cuts through vinyl like butter making these projects very easy to do and achieve professional looking results. I find that a light strip or two of masking tape over the top of the vinyl keeps all the bits together before lifting off the backing sheet and placing on the glass. It also saves the vinyl curling up and sticking to itself in the process of moving it as well. Just stick the design down, gently lift off the masking tape (or any low-tack strip adhesive) then burnish the vinyl onto the glass to prevent the etching cream leeching under and spoiling the finish.



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  • Barbara
    October 4, 2011 10:46 pm

    Etching glass is one of my very favorite things to do with vinyl. I have a group of jars waiting for me now, to get the adhesive cleaned off with acetone. Nothing else will work on most of the ones I have been saving. I’m torn between wanting to etch them or make Halloween labels for them. Silhouette has some wonderful Harry Potter labels for used jars! My eldest goes all out for Halloween and invites the entire town to his “haunted” house, so I think he’d love to have them with the labels. Perhaps I’ll do a few for him, and then my plans will turn to etching for Christmas goodies.

    I still miss my kitties terribly, even though they’ve been gone now for 10 and 12 years, respectively. Go ahead and talk to your little boy; just maybe he can hear you.

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