Wordle within you and without you

I think everybody knows about Wordle? If not, go to  http://www.wordle.net/ and find out about making ‘beautiful word clouds’ with it. I made this one yesterday after listening to the radio in the car. The station was playing a Beatles medley and ‘Within You and Without You’ from the Sergeant Pepper  album came on. It happens to be one of my favourite Beatles tracks, I love the sitar with the tablas and the very beautiful lyrics. Then later, when I was organising my bookmarks and saw the Wordle link I thought it would be nice to turn those lyrics into a wordcloud.

I saved it by Printing to PDF then was able to import it into PS, apply a pattern overlay on the wordcloud layer, emboss it a bit, then add a stroke to highlight and define the letterforms a little more dramatically. Anyway, give Wordle a go and see how easy it is to use and play with the settings to make something lovely for your blog or layouts.


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