Party mad biscuit boys

Made a platter of shortcake biscuits yesterday. Normal shortcake just cut out with gingerbread men cookie cutters. I think they look a bit odd. A bit like a collapsed rugby scrum or a hen night, the morning after… or a drunken game of Twister… They remind me of a comment Marty Crane made in one episode of Frasier, the one where Marty talks about the chalked outline around a dead body where he met his wife… and how she always made a plate of gingerbread men on their anniversary… ‘didn’t you think it odd they always had one leg bent and their heads were to one side?’ Niles exclaims ‘I thought they were dancing!’ Hehehe!

Despite the ‘dead man walking’ appearance, they tasted great and  didn’t get to hang around long. Nom. Nom. Here’s the recipe. You can dress yours up with icing or chocolate or sweetie decorations. Mine just didn’t last long enough.

All butter shortbread biscuits recipe:

1lb (455 g) plain flour
6oz  (170g) caster sugar
12oz ( 340g) butter

Rub the butter and sugar together. Stir in the flour. Knead until pliable. Roll out and slice (or cut with cookie cutters, etc) into fat biscuit sized pieces.

Cook Gas mark 2 (150 C /300F)  for 1 hour

Let them cool then sprinkle with caster sugar


Shooting Stars In Illustrator

Want to know how to make these shooting stars in AI?

1. Using the Star tool, hold down Alt to create a star. (The Alt key produces a nicely indented star)

2. Effects>3D>Extrude and Bevel

3. Click on Preview

4. Click on Extrude Depth and use the slider control to make the star as deep as you want

5. Click on Perspective and use the slider control to taper the star down to a point

Rotate the cube (you’ll have to view the effect on your canvas, the cube in the control panel remains as a cube) and manipulate it in 3D until you’re happy

6. Click OK

7. Go to Object>Expand Appearance

8. With the Direct Selection tool you can select any facet of the star and fill with colours as you wish



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