Etching Effects in Photoshop

As requested, a booty tooty on how to create an etched effect in Photoshop following the post ‘from foodles to scroodles and . It’s free but you’ll need to register to download.

We have a golden morning here in Ireland and all the more special after the long spell of rain we’ve had. More than a week of moody skies and grumpy clouds (faces like thunder!) with galloping  gales charging the clouds around like wild horses.  Today, it’s all smiles and sunshine. The air is so fresh and lovely even forgotten dreams can breathe again. Beautiful.

I have yet one more rich fruit cake to make for the big day in December. I did make two but there’s always a need for some quality testing and the second one did get a very thorough testing… it was gorgeous. Why do the all the really lovely foods have to be so fattening?! I’ll be Fatty Dance Pants forever at this rate. Little pickers wear big knickers and all that.

Still got the pudding to make, using a proper round pudding mold. It’s hinged so it opens like a cockle shell and is perforated with lots of holes to let water and steam in and out (the mixture itself is contained in a muslim bag and something else, I seem to recall). Tried it last year and it was just a mess and totally inedible. Maybe I didn’t wrap the mixture securely enough and water got in… no idea. Sludgy mud pudding slop. I’ll go check Delia’s site and see if she has a recipe/method for the round mold. There’s a no nonsense lady who doesn’t let her puddings misbehave.

I got a Skype from a friend who was off to bed at 10.00 last night and signed off with ‘I’ll speak to you on the morrow’. I asked her if she had remembered to turn off the gas lighting or put the glow worms to bed thinking she was from the past or something… heheheh. We got silly and started quoting some of the titles from the Elizabethan love songs from Black Adder (The ‘Bob’ episode) … she finally signed off with  ‘Maybe I’ve got some hot sex madrigals in the middle of my tights’… guess that’s another tale and none of our business – hey nonny nonny!

Just got time to feed the harpies birds and be on my way out.

Speak laters!

Download the PDF here:

Free Etching Effect in PS Tutorial PDF


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  1. Barbara says:

    OOOOOOOOO – pretty!

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