Create a sunburst effect using the Transform filter in Illustrator

Am working on an image with a sunburst effect in the background and realised that I had never seen anyone use the Transform filter to make one. I am working my way up  to Mashup Masterdom with Illustrator and Photoshop with a long way to go but I love to share hints and tips along the way. So, here’s a quick toot for those of you who’d like to know how:

Sunburst Toot PDF

For information, to make the image above, I took the sunburst into Photoshop and used the Twirl filter to make it a bit more shagadelic (you could always make the sunburst in PS but that’s another toot).

The word sunburst reminds me of the Horizon documentary I watched  last night…the magnetosphere around the earth protects us from the solar wind and the protons (sounds like a sixties pop group – ‘Solar Wind and the Protons’). So what gives the sun wind? Maybe the sun is related to the black holes. They eat anything, everything, pretty much non-stop. Indiscriminate gut buckets. Probably have Prada Willi syndrome. With that sort of hollow legs eating they’re  naturally going to suffer dyspepsia, gassy indigestion and bloaty windiness. There are no friendly digestive bacteria in space or Intergalactic Red Cross deliveries of Benecol! So, if it’s got that sort of family history, the sun should chew its food more thoroughly, cut down on the Milky Ways and ease up on the Mars Bars.

Tried taking pictures of my cakes  today but the sun refused to shine – what’s that expression about the sun only shines on the holy… probably explains a thing or two. Maybe the sun will punch the clouds out of the way tomorrow or blow them away with solar wind. We shall see.



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