Little boxes

I was  a little down in the dumps since my visitors left so made myself a happy house picture to chase away the blues. The patterns (not the house design but the fill)  were downloaded (if you can supply the name of the originator I’d love to give he/she credit for them). I drew all the buildings and changed the colours of the patterns and backgrounds for some vibrancy to lift my spirits.

Hopefully, a print and cut little box house will be published soon – when I remember how to make it available… I like to have my cut and fold lines as non-printing which is fine if you have Illustrator. Ai keeps things separated in layers and displays the cut and fold lines to Cutting Master as electronically visible but not paper-visible. From what I can see, Inkscape, SVG/GSD formats both read in the pdf-content that is embedded in an Illustrator file and so ‘flattens’ the cut/fold lines onto the printed image so that you get the ugly cut and fold lines printed on the image as well as the designs. I’ve done it before so will figure it out but it’s a bodge rather than an elegant solution. Tch!

A preview of the soon-to-be-published (I hope) print and cut house  is here:

Have a good day!

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One Response to Little boxes

  1. Barbara says:

    How beautiful, as always! I love the playful animals on the lovely houses! That’s a nice bit of whimsy.

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