I have a special friend that calmed my nerves during performances when I was in a play recently. He’s famous in his own right – all that and a bag of chips – star of stage and screen – Ernie… Yay!!!!!

As well as being gorgeous to look at with his jacket tantalisingly half-unzipped and his stitched on trousers – he used to read me jokes from his joke book and keep me in stitches with him!

After the play, he went on tour and got mobbed all round the world. He sent me some photos and has graciously allowed me to publish them exclusively on my blog! I didn’t know he was  a qualified pilot and has his own private jet but you’ll see the picture and what can’t speak can’t lie so you know it’s true. I did have a photo of him lying on a deckchair reading Dostoevsky – Crime and Punishment, I think it was, but I’ve gone and lost it somewhere! Anyhow, take my word for it, he’s educated and cultured as well as drop-down-dead sex-bomb gorgeous.

Sadly, despite the great start, our friendship didn’t blossom into anything serious – he’s got it all going on with his rock chick, Ali. he keeps her out of the papers and media generally so that’s all I’m giving away until the papers offer me enough kiss-and-tell cash… Despite the fact she has him, I can’t dislike her – she’s actually a very lovely girl and was a brilliant prompter. Anyhoo. just feast your eyes and bite your pillows – he’s just eye candy! Rock on Ali and Ernie!


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2 Responses to Ernie

  1. Alie says:

    I love it! Best blog I have ever seen….it really made my (and Ernie’s) day!
    Thank you! 🙂

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