Dream Cottage

Well, what a great weekend! Bought a fantastic handbag – the handbag of glory (until the next one)! It’s just beautiful. Didn’t go into the city but went to a big shopping centre some 30 mins drive away and spotted it! It had to be mine so I bagged it (groan, ha ha!).  On the way back to the car park I found a two-euro coin which I put in a collection for the homeless to spread some of my handbag happiness. Came home and after a nice lunch went for a walk around the town and the beach. Called in to collect my artwork from the recent exhibition only to find that I’d sold one! For proper money! I mean well over a hundred euro! Talk about giving some money away to get some back! Anyway, the shop doorway was barely big enough for my head to get through, I was so proud and excited! I had just bought some daisies and nearly shook all their heads off laughing on the way home!

On top of all that bliss, the weather was wonderful while we were out. The wind did whip up some little willi-willies  later, followed by rain (torrential) but only when we got in!  And there was more good news – I had an email  – a very dear visitor is coming early August for a stay! Plus I have my son and his girlfriend coming this week … oh .. so much to be happy about and thankful for. Feel like a multitude of miracles has been visited upon us!

Just posting a pic of the cottage I’ve been working on. It looks nicer in real life than the photo. I’m so taken with it. The roof is ‘hinged’ and hollow to allow a tallish gift inside. The couple I made took two sheets of A4 and are as big as that paper will allow. The box base measures 2.5 ” x 2.5″ by 2″ high. The Roof gives extra height of an inch or so. Quite roomy and capacious enough for a reasonably sized present.

The files are here. I’ve made two versions – a tealight box with the windows and doors cut out – with frames to decorate them and a gift box where you stick on the windows etc.I’ve also included a PDF detailing the assembly instructions with lots of photos and diagrams.

Prices in EURO.

Gift Box and Tealight box GSD (€ [price])

Dreamhouse and Tealight Boxes SVG (€ [price])


Keep your heart happy and be blessed. I’m still laughing my daisies off and hope that wherever you are, you’re happy too.

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2 Responses to Dream Cottage

  1. Barbara says:

    Congratulations on your big sale! How totally marvelous! All that and a new handbag you love, and this darling cottage, too! I’d say that’s an altogether mighty successful weekend, rain or no! I’d be laughing my daisies off, too if my weekend had been that nice! We have rain in Florida, too; now into the 4th straight day, so I’m a bit tired of it even though we’ve needed it. After all, this IS the “Sunshine State”!

    • webmaster says:

      I love a glass of Florida fresh orange here, Barbara! Hope the rain has eased off for you by now – we’re used to the rain in Ireland!

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