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Butterfly Easel Card

Still busy with the pop up alphabet – over half way through now. Still sorting out instructions for the pergola. Think I’ll make a video of instructions for that – a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say. But really too excited to concentrate for long as I’m getting things ready for my long-time-no-see visitor who will be arriving on Friday so I’ll be flitting about a bit for the next couple of weeks. Bit like a butterfly, really!

Despite all the excitement, I have made a little butterfly easel card. These cards sweetly fold flat for posting then with a primp and a preen, stand up and look so pretty. It cuts easily from a single sheet of A4.

Thank you for looking.

Prices are in euro.

Butterfly Easel Card GSD (€ [price])

Butterfly Easel Card SVG (€ [price])




Little Mac

I keep finding myself absorbed in Photoshop lately and for no reason I can fathom, keep painting little Irish fellas. Continuing the theme of finding good fortune, here is another (I call him Mac) and he’s getting closer to the pot of gold with the help of the lady of light shining a path for him. This has taken me all day so he was obviously meant to be!



Pot of gold

My partner’s ear was taken over by an alien life form today. Or at least I think that was what happened. He responded so inappropriately to some very basic conversational comments that only something struggling with Earth’s native language could have explained it. I will state for the record that my partner is a natural born earthling … well, I think so –  though that sort of information is not recorded on birth certificates or passports so I can only presume this to be the case.

Alternatively, it may have been that he was preoccupied with the imaginary golf club that he was swinging around with the wii. Of the two, I know which I think is most likely and it’s not the golf club.

I looked inside his ears (noting that an eary wigger hair trimmer might make for a practical present come Christmas – or sooner – depending on the growth rate and hair density  in between time) and am quite certain I saw evidence of an alien landing party with requisite space craft. I rest my case.

Despite this sinister downturn to our relationship, I feel that good is just around the corner. The feeling that good fortune is blessing me and will materialise like Kirk, Spock and Bones in a transporter beam, but hopefully, not in my partner’s ear. I have no tangible signs presaging this, just a feeling in my bones but am looking out for rainbow dust and when I find it, know that my pot of gold will be very close!



I have a special friend that calmed my nerves during performances when I was in a play recently. He’s famous in his own right – all that and a bag of chips – star of stage and screen – Ernie… Yay!!!!!

As well as being gorgeous to look at with his jacket tantalisingly half-unzipped and his stitched on trousers – he used to read me jokes from his joke book and keep me in stitches with him!

After the play, he went on tour and got mobbed all round the world. He sent me some photos and has graciously allowed me to publish them exclusively on my blog! I didn’t know he was  a qualified pilot and has his own private jet but you’ll see the picture and what can’t speak can’t lie so you know it’s true. I did have a photo of him lying on a deckchair reading Dostoevsky – Crime and Punishment, I think it was, but I’ve gone and lost it somewhere! Anyhow, take my word for it, he’s educated and cultured as well as drop-down-dead sex-bomb gorgeous.

Sadly, despite the great start, our friendship didn’t blossom into anything serious – he’s got it all going on with his rock chick, Ali. he keeps her out of the papers and media generally so that’s all I’m giving away until the papers offer me enough kiss-and-tell cash… Despite the fact she has him, I can’t dislike her – she’s actually a very lovely girl and was a brilliant prompter. Anyhoo. just feast your eyes and bite your pillows – he’s just eye candy! Rock on Ali and Ernie!



Not a magpie

I was going to draw a magpie but needed a colour infusion to brighten myself up and drizzle some sunshine dust into my head. So, ‘Not a magpie’ was born. I’m not a magpie by nature –  I don’t hoard shiny things (or pinch them!)  but have long hankered to have a go at making jewellery from scratch rather than with a kit. While my visitors were here in Ireland, we booked an afternoon session at a silversmiths to try our hand at making something.  Well, it was just wonderful. The bloke who runs it, Ed, was a really nice guy and didn’t show any surprise or irritation at the number of times I broke the tiny little fretsaw (I think that’s what it was) blade I used to cut out some little hearts and a door for the phone case charm (see picture below).

The fretsaw blade was as fine as a spider’s leg almost and strong like gossamer (tensile strength of gossamer is very high)  but still delicate and easily broken. We cut, soldered, hammered and polished. Ed demonstrated and explained every step of the process and the time just flew by. His workshop was a place of awe and wonder (wonder what that’s for?!) with many incongruent bits and bobs like an electric guitar on the wall and a national dressed doll (he found it in between a bricked up area when he knocked through a few walls and things). He also had a glass showcase with some of his pieces – crafted by the hands of an artisan. Stunning and beautiful!

By the end of the afternoon we had each made something. Mine is the house – I will be threading through a thin leather lace and attaching it to my phone case. The other two are pendants. Unfortunately, I have no pics of a thumb ring that Ms A made. It was simple but was tapped all over with a felted hammer to give it a beautiful surface texture.

We had a great afternoon and will be going again, for sure. Here you go – take a look. I would say if you ever get the chance, try it. It’s absorbing, interesting and a really nice way to spend a few hours and you don’t have to be a magpie by nature to want to!

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