Sweet little house on the prairie

A magazine I bought recently included a picture of a box similar to the one above but with no template or instructions. It is basically a box with a rooftop lid and easy-osey to do. You can make it as plain or as fancy as you like but it’s sweet, neat and just right for a treat! It’s one the kiddos and tiddly-winks can have fun helping to decorate as well. A family home, ha ha! In addition to the SVG and GSD templates there is a PDF with the assembly instructions.

Price in euro:

Rooftop Box SVG (€ [price])

Rooftop Box GSD (€ [price])

Many thanks to Coy Dreamer for the floral brushes and Neonescence and Seiyastock for the ABR sparkles and spangles.


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One Response to Sweet little house on the prairie

  1. Barbara says:

    It certainly is a sweet little house-box that I like very much! I grew up in a sweet little house on the prarie! I would wish for it to be mine! Thank you for sharing it!

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