Hearts and Handbags

I bought a silver charm for someone to cheer her up after a bit of a disappointment she had recently. The charm is very pretty but needed something swish to dress it up with and send it across the Irish Sea in style.

Melz Stamps site was the one to check out as she has the most amazing range of templates, tips, techniques and tootilicious things for every occasion! She has so many gorgeous bags but set my heart on the style above. I made a few tweaks to the template – extended the fold over flap and made another fold so that the eyelets don’t sit on the crease at the top but have a narrow flat strip instead. Oh – and converted the file to an ai. so I could cut it with the CR, of course! I used a largish brad to decorate the front which also works as a way to keep the bag closed – the extended flap slides neatly behind it and gets ‘wedged’ in place. I made a few and they were fun, easy and turned out just perrty!

All that is left to be done is packaging up the bag in a box to protect it from getting crushed and get down to the post office and send it on its way to, hopefully, give her a little hug and lift her spirits a bit.

If you want to get the template for yourself (and you will!):


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