Dandelion wishes

I keep meaning to get out to the garden and do a bit of weeding but the weather has been so changeable lately. One minute the sky is full of grumpy bruised clouds glowering down, the next, they’re happy fluff balls scudding across a perfect blue sky like bunny tails. Anyway, the sun is smiling down today (at least, for the time being) and I must get out there and tidy things up.

The oh-so-hardy dandelions are up for sure! It may be one of those urban myths but you hear it said that in the event of a nuclear war both cockroaches and scorpions would survive. They should include dandelions.

Not that dandelions are bad, per se. The leaves are very tasty in a salad – just don’t pick them from roadsides where they will have systemically absorbed lead and other petrochemical pollutants. Herbalists often use them for a number of medicinal properties, as a diuretic, for example. I even found this: http://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer02/DandelionRoot.html. Just for information, I am open minded to alternative treatments and not convinced by the results of research funded by pharmaceutical companies… but that’s a long story. Before I jump off my soapbox, I will also mention that pharmaceuticals won’t fund research into anything that is natural and cannot be patented, ie, make them lots of money. Much easier to deride them for being quack, primitive or ineffective. Or, not proven as effective… All I will say, is maintain your critical faculties.  Do your own research. Google is your friend!

I am in a story telling mood yet again – this if from an old story about dandelions:

Flower of the Children or the Angel of Flowers

Long, long ago, an angel came to earth to admire the beautiful flowers that bloomed and blossomed in abundance there. Her gaze was caught by the proud red, orange and yellow tulips. ‘You grow very beautiful here, this must be a perfect home for you’. ‘No’, said the tulips. We should grow in the gardens of great palaces where only kings and queens should look and touch. We are too good for common people’.

The angel then spotted some beautiful fragrant roses. ‘You grow well here. Surely this is a perfect spot for you?’ ‘No’, said the roses. ‘We, too, should grow in the gardens of kings and queens and decorate their windows and walls so that we could rub shoulders with them and perfume their palaces’.

The angel walked on and came to a patch of violets growing lush, purple and velvety. ‘What about you?’ she asked of them. ”Are you happy here?’ ‘No’, said the violets. We would like to live in a far away wood, hidden from  the feet and eyes of all people. I would like a brook to cool my feet and dappling trees to keep the sun from spoiling our colours’.

Finally, she came to a patch of dandelions. ‘What about you? Do you like your home here?’ The dandelions danced with joy and replied ‘We are happy to live wherever we can bring happiness and colour to all around, from between dark stones and roadsides to gardens and meadows. Wherever we live, we love to play with children and help them send wishes to heaven on our fairy seeds.

This made the angel very happy. From now on, you will blossom everywhere your seeds shall land, from spring till autumn. You shall be the flower of the children and the best wishes of all will be carried to heaven from the lips of those who  blow life into your fairy seeds.

And so, the dandelion was blessed with a long sweet life by the angel of flowers.

The next time you see a dandelion clock, look for the little fairies and remember to blow your wish to heaven on fairy wings.


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