Coming soon!

New files – houses, prams, cards… Well, I hope so anyway! I have to write the destructions, I mean, instructions, for some of them first and we’re doing a bit of decorating in the house so finding the time to remake and document the process and take pictures of the various stages, etc, is difficult at the moment.

You will have noticed that I am now charging for my files (all prices are in Euro and will be converted to your payment currency accordingly in Paypal). Unfortunately, too many were being downloaded without so much as a thank you and it finally gave me the good, hard kick up the ar*e I needed to do something about it.  You want to know what tipped me over the edge into selling? This was it: It had never been my intention to charge but when I put so much time into designing the files, cutting and testing them and converting to GSDs and SVGs, etc and only a few (kind and very much appreciated) people bothered to leave a comment the time came to make a decision to stop it. If nobody buys anything from me, I’m no worse off than I was.

Many thanks for the beautiful sparkly, oh-so-spangly ABR brushes from I think the background is one of a texture collection from My 2econd Skin. Apologies if I’ve got that wrong – please contact me if you know who to credit with it and I’ll happily do so.


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2 Responses to Coming soon!

  1. Barbara says:

    Well, RATS to the ungrateful ones who did not thank you. I understand, but I am SO disappointed. I have always thank you for each of the files I treasure, and now I won’t be able to enjoy your lovely files any more. I’m a senior citizen living on a very small Social Security check and can only use what generous people like yourself give away for free. I will continue to enjoy your work, though, because just seeing what you do makes me happy.

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