Pretty 3D Paper Dormer Bungalow

****This house is now for sale:  Dormer Bungalow Tealight Pretty ****I was delighted to receive a photo of one of my little houses that had been beautifully constructed by a chap I know from the local theatre group.  It is so pretty I had to create a happy scene to set it in to showcase it.

When I wrote about the mountain of ironing that was becoming a danger to air traffic control he revealed his Red Adair handbook for managing dangerous ironing piles! He had many tips for tackling the problem, including this one: Don’t bother ironing when a quick rumble in the tumble will sort the wrinkles out. Be ready and waiting with hangers to get the clothes straight on to and they’re good to go.


I used microflute 300gsm (the cream corrugated stock) to mount the embellishments. The brown squares were cut from kids’ craft packs of corduroy paper. It’s not very thick but embosses well with Cuttlebugs. I tucked some cream ‘lace’ round the card then machine stitched (zig-zag)  the brown, embossed squares down, making sure I caught the lace with the stitches, onto the cream card. The paper flowers, butterfly, etc  are mounted with dimensionals. For information, I used the pop up butterfly and fan templates available from Mariva’s website for the card centres, cut from Conqueror metallic champagne.

The second is about how well the marketing of men’s skin products is doing. I note that they are pushed to use moisturiser (cos that’s what it is!) to prevent the 5 (?) signs of tiredness whereas women have the same product, repackaged and rebadged  to fight the 10 (?) signs of aging. It’s a bit like the old saying that horses sweat, men perspire and women glow. Men tire but women age. Not so flattering though.

Well, idle hands and idle minds are the sandpit of Satan so I’d better get busy but I’ll leave you with a final piece of advice from Judge Judith Sheindlin ‘You can’t get blood out of a turnip’. How true.



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