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Bling me that bag!

Still working through converting old stuff to the version of Illustrator I have now… This little card shaped like a bag has been dusted down and blinged up for a wingding somewhere! There are ribbon slots cut in the front – I have 5mm wide ribbon in mine in the picture.

The template includes the bag card shape, the card lining and some stylised flowers to decorate it. There is also a tag (not pictured) if you want to add a sentiment or personalise it in some way.

Prices in Euro:




I never promised you a rose garden

I never promised you a rose garden along with the sunshine there’s got to be a little rain sometimes… Well, the sun has got his hat on again! It’s beeeuuuuutiful out today! Hurrying through the boring chores so I can get out for a nice walk by the sea.  I want to smell the air and hear the gulls and see the sunshine sparkling in diamonds on the waves… ooh! Let me out there! You have to understand that the weather could change very quickly here! There is  a hint of rain to come…grumpy  grey clouds that look like the filter fluff out of the tumble drier …  I need to get a move on and enjoy the sunhine while I can.

Anyway, just  quickly posting a birdbox card.  The template includes the card shape, a lining shape (I do like to see a card lined), the roof gable strip,  a scalloped edging for the bottom, a scalloped circle to decorate the window, a tag and a flower. They make up very easily and the little window offers a perfect way to showcase a photo or picture to send to your friends and loved ones. Have a lovely day!

Prices in Euro:

Download Birdbox Card SVG (€ [price])

Birdbox Card GSD (€ [price])

Thank you to Coy Dreamer for the floral brushes and Seiyastock for the sparkle brushes.

3D, Boxes and Packets

Sweet little house on the prairie

A magazine I bought recently included a picture of a box similar to the one above but with no template or instructions. It is basically a box with a rooftop lid and easy-osey to do. You can make it as plain or as fancy as you like but it’s sweet, neat and just right for a treat! It’s one the kiddos and tiddly-winks can have fun helping to decorate as well. A family home, ha ha! In addition to the SVG and GSD templates there is a PDF with the assembly instructions.

Price in euro:

Rooftop Box SVG (€ [price])

Rooftop Box GSD (€ [price])

Many thanks to Coy Dreamer for the floral brushes and Neonescence and Seiyastock for the ABR sparkles and spangles.



Got it covered!

Today is absolutely gorgeous. We had to abandon the painting to go walk by the sea, just couldn’t waste this lovely weather. We’ll probably  go out again later and look for seals – one of the islands near by has a seal colony and they sometimes swim close enough to look us in the eye. I’m sure they’re mermaids or selkies and I try to see if they change as twilight falls… they’d need a good shave though – they have hairy moustaches worse than Mexican bandits.

I don’t know if God plays dice but s/he certainly uses Photoshop! I saw evidence of the Blur tool, various wet and heavy media brushes and one or two special effect brushes used to create the fabulous sky that was absolutely CGI and too gorgeous to be natural! Not gift-wrapped in rainbows today though – too dry and warm for a change.

We sat on the rocks and picked out cloud formations. I saw a ballet dancing bull, a teddy bear with a nappy on sitting on a stool and, truly, a pair of fallopian tubes with uterus and cervix! Talk about Mother Earth! Not as bonkers as the dream my partner had the other night though  – he dreamed I was cooking dead bees in the oven! Any ideas what THAT means?!

Anyway, just showing a simple bit of sewing to use up some nice fabric remnants.  I have lots of sketch books and like to just sit and draw as and when the mood takes me so when I saw some very pretty covered journals here:

I had to try them. They’re surprisingly quick and easy and I might start getting busy for Christmas (Yes! Thinking ahead!) and get a few sketch books in and make covers to give away as presents. Daler Rowney do some nice small but fat ones that fit in all of my bags so a good size to do, I think. The books cost about €6.00 and the material probably around €3 if I bought the fabric in specially. That’s a special present for just under €10 euro. Not bad.

The small case is for a phone. I cut a flower stencil using the CR,  drew round and cut it from some felt, wrapped a ball of wadding in a different coloured felt and stitched it on top.

The birdy beady eyes are too big. I used the smallest creamy coloured beads I could find in my collection and they are too pop-eyed! He looks like he’s got goitre. I’m hoping to do a bit of city shopping soon so will see what I can get to replace them with.

I have lots of remnants but am coveting some real cute fabric I saw on Amazon (they sell everything these days). There was a happy vegetables fabric – all sorts of vegetables – with smiley faces in bright colours that made me laugh! Sadly, it’s expensive at £13.00 a metre so will keep a watchful eye and hope for a sale or make my own vegetables and applique them instead.

Off again. Hope wherever you are, you’re happy.



Coming soon!

New files – houses, prams, cards… Well, I hope so anyway! I have to write the destructions, I mean, instructions, for some of them first and we’re doing a bit of decorating in the house so finding the time to remake and document the process and take pictures of the various stages, etc, is difficult at the moment.

You will have noticed that I am now charging for my files (all prices are in Euro and will be converted to your payment currency accordingly in Paypal). Unfortunately, too many were being downloaded without so much as a thank you and it finally gave me the good, hard kick up the ar*e I needed to do something about it.  You want to know what tipped me over the edge into selling? This was it: It had never been my intention to charge but when I put so much time into designing the files, cutting and testing them and converting to GSDs and SVGs, etc and only a few (kind and very much appreciated) people bothered to leave a comment the time came to make a decision to stop it. If nobody buys anything from me, I’m no worse off than I was.

Many thanks for the beautiful sparkly, oh-so-spangly ABR brushes from I think the background is one of a texture collection from My 2econd Skin. Apologies if I’ve got that wrong – please contact me if you know who to credit with it and I’ll happily do so.


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