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The answer is blowing in the wind

Ah! Back to normal! I have been busy this last couple of months rehearsing and acting in a local am dram production. I’ve never been involved in the theatre in a any way before and didn’t realise how much work went into each production so am properly pooped and knackered now! It was great fun and the cast and crew were a good bunch.

But now I’m left wondering what to do with myself! The last ten or eleven weeks or so have been busy with helping to paint the set, sort out props, line calls, rehearsals, dress rehearsals and finally performing for audiences.

The art classes also finish¬† soon and don’t start again until September. All us novices and aspiring artists have work up in the local art shop gallery for our end of year exhibition. I have four pieces on display and when I get them back (unless they sell, of course! Ha Ha) I will take pictures and show you. One painting in the exhibition that caught my eye was of a lighthouse set against a stormy sea and a purple, thunderous sky. It’s really stunning and the colours are beautiful – apparently it was painted by a lady who started art classes aged 87!

Anyway, I’m back. I think I will get on with giving this little ol’ site a make over and pretty it up a bit! I will carry on painting with water colours and experimenting with salt, clingfilm, gesso, masking fluid, etc. I still love digi painting though. It’s so forgiving. I do everything in layers in Photoshop so undoing mistakes is easy. I’m entranced with dandelion clocks, or fairies, as I called them as a kid. All along the grassy verges beside the beach are profusions of dandelions and little daisies. I think they’re so pretty. I have been drawing and doodling them a lot lately.

So what to do with myself? I think I shall wait and see what lies in store… the answer is blowing in the wind.


Just messing and doodling

Messing and doodling – not strictly true… am working on a new background and maybe some animated sparkle gifs for this blog that I hope to have ready for the one year anniversary since I started it… But the weather has been beautiful here this past week or so (until yesterday, in fact) and just too nice to be sat in front of a computer. So I’ve been doodling and painting and experimenting with clingfilm and salt. I don’t know if you have ever tried it but it gives some lovely effects.

Wet the paper and apply watercolours, crinkle up some clingfilm and press it down over the wet (but not runny) paint. Leave it for a few minutes for the paper to absorb the moisture then peel off. If the paint still has some moisture in it, sprinkle some salt loosely here and there. It leeches pigment from the paint in tiny crystalline star shapes. Don’t put the salt onto the paint if it still has a wet sheen to it – let it dry a little so that it becomes matt but not bone dry then apply the salt.

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