Taking the wii

This is a bit late but I’ve only just got in and opened it – a link to the new GMail motion. Almost the internet in a box. Brilliant!


Ha ha!

Happy April Fools!

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5 Responses to Taking the wii

  1. Mema says:

    Ha ha, forgot to say we just love the “Grumpy Old….” series – their views so match ours that we could become part of the cast!!! A bit of trivia, Rick Wakeman lives about 10 miles from where we live – awesome keyboards player in his time and still is, I cried with laughter at some of his comments in one of the “Grumpy Old Christmas” programmes


  2. Mema says:

    Hi chicky, I can think of worse places for Her Maj to retire to… would beat a run of the mill old folks home wouldn’t it, lol? Hope you had the best weekend, and a splendiferous mother’s day. Had cards from both my kids (both 30 somethings!) plus my sonny hunny delivered his card and a beautiful bouquet in person – what more can a mum ask for?

    Bearing in mind I haven’t actually seen the Columbo episode, have been doing a little research and am wondering if the track you seek is this one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VY9ywcx7-bA, although I’m not sure that is played as a solo in the scene – if not this comment might help “Most likely it is a very good studio player… or it could be someone that was a reasonably well-known modern jazz player that did studio work too, like Randy Brecker or Marvin Stamm. They’re improvising over some sort of modal tune in 3/4 or 6/8, could be My Favorite Things or a Coltrane tune like Afro Blue.” Here is a link to Afro Blue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1r6T4lvYxaA&feature=fvst. I have tried to download the episode to watch but can’t find a live link that isn’t a bit suss or illegal! If neither of these things is the answer I will keep trying to actually see the episode and whether DH recognises anything, but it could just be an invention of whoever is actually playing it rather than a known piece.


    • webmaster says:

      I’m getting into jazz at the moment but never thought I’d like the trumpet. The piece on C’Bumbo (ever seen Black Books? Haaaar!) is so cool and just so technically masterful and brilliant it absolutely blows me away. I love the irregularity of it while still keeping with some underlying rhythm or thread (you’ll probably know the technical terms for this but this is the best I can do to describe it!).

      I have tried sampling bits and bobs on Amazon but you only get 20s or so to listen to so it could be the right track but I wouldn’t know cos it maybe didn’t play long enough and like you say, could be improvised by a session musician…. I wouldn’t know about 3/4 or 6/8… your area of expertise there, chickie! Thank you for trying to find it for me – wow- that is lovely of you!

      Have a great day

  3. Mema says:

    Priceless Helen, lol!! – there was a great article on Yahoo this morning about the fact that Prince William and Kate were having to set contingency wedding plans ready for the heavy snowfall predicted for late April – it spoke about Prince Charles’s panic and I thought “I don’t think so, he couldn’t panic if his bum was on fire” then I realised the date… DOH!!

    Have a super weekend and don’t get blown away by the wind – although that is where you will find the answer….


    • webmaster says:

      Haaaar! So right about Charles! Wonder if he’d even notice if his bum was on fire. The big April fool’s over here was that the Queen was looking for a house to retire to and she had her eye on that one of the big shopping centres over here (St Stevens Green).

      Thank you for the answers blowing away there,my friend! Don’t forget to listen out for the trumpet solo in the club if you ever see Columbo ‘Etude in Black’….. and know the track PLEASE let me know!

      Just watching grumpy old men and women talking about politics… talking about the John Major and Edwina Curry affair .. I love these programmes,

      Hel x

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