Cherry Blossoms and Chocolates

Spring is definitely here. I noticed that a couple of the trees on the high street are in full blossom – I think they’re cherry blossoms but am not entirely sure. They always remind me of bridesmaid dresses although they do look a bit like branches covered in  pinky-white, freshly popped pop corn but that isn’t so romantic. I have also noticed the birds collecting twigs and things for nest building.

There are a number of regulars in my garden. A couple of male blackbirds that I call Jeeves and Wooster as they look so dashing in their shiny black tails. They waste enormous energy chasing and being chased around the garden in territorial disputes – meanwhile, the other birds waste no time in scoffing all the food out there.  There’s also Lady Flo, a female blackbird who I think has a romantic attachment with Bertie.

We have a number of squawky starlings  we call, collectively,  Chavs. A couple of  Jackdaws called ‘Richmond’  and ‘Bloody Hell, this must be my one’ (IT Crowd). A couple of collared doves that look a little too much like pigeons for me to really take to them. A couple of songthrushes we call the Cheeky Girls (they are – they hop up close to the kitchen window to let me know they’d like some more sultanas – a cheekiness the blackbirds share), a robin and several fluffy  balls of feathers  – sparrows, tits (Tits like Coconuts! Thank you Humphrey) and others I don’t know the names of  that we call ping pongs  and an old crow, Mephistopheles, from time to time. They congregate in the tree near the kitchen and tilt their heads to keep me under surveillance and make sure they don’t miss any food preparation activity. Hence the title of my blog – The Singing Tree. They sit in the tree and sing and whistle and twitter and tweet and caw…

I try to help the nest building activity by throwing out the fluff from the tumble drier and the little bundles of felty fur from my cat’s grooming brush. I hope to give them luxury lining for their nests – that is my intention… but if they don’t want it and my neighbours keep finding clouds of surface fibres from household garments and cat fluff bundles, my apologies but unless they provide forensic evidence it came from my house I’ll deny it like a Clinton. Maybe they can insulate their lofts or something…

Anyway, the birdies attract their mates with dances, song and little gifts and my pretty blue bird  (Delphine inspired!)  is no exception. He has a present for his prospective lady bird and a pretty wee box to present it to her in! What is the present? I have no idea. Might be a worm or a fat beetle. I really don’t want to know. Sure ain’t chocolate!

I mentioned that I am converting many old files from CS4 to CS5 and this is another golden oldie. I have attached a GSD and SVG to share the box with you. There is also a pdf of how to fold the box. It is the work of moments and you’ll have no problems, I’m sure. Below is a picture of the box opened so you can see it folds together easily.  Enjoy little chickies!

Foldbox GSD

Foldbox SVG

Foldbox PDF

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