Pearl Clutching Laughs

You’ll see I’m still inspired by Delphine with my laughing chickens! I love her work! Here are a couple of mine chookling at the peculiar non-chicken babies! Naughty chickens!

On a different note, I’ve noticed that there have been a recent spate of individuals intent on pointing out grammatical flaws along with indignation and revulsion for bad language on various fora I belong to. I did once wade into a right old language Whoo-Haa (no Peas not that sort of Hoo Haa – though, in a way, it was!). Someone had posted the C word but the comment had been deleted before I saw it so could only guess at the word that was causing offence.

A tremendous number of posters were outraged, upset and extremely vocal in their condemnation of the offending poster! It was a pile up. Each affirming themselves to be more delicate than the last by registering their discomfiture with ever more extreme measures – upset, disturbed, vomitting and reaching for eye bleach!  The rationalisations became ever more tenuous… my breast feeding baby might have looked up and seen the word…

Anyhow,  I ‘understood’ the offending word to be the C word – the BAD ‘C’ word, Father… and found myself laughing at the confession of one who was embarrassed to admit she had even heard of the word….. (if she hadn’t, she wouldn’t have been offended but that’s just me seeing the tautology or circular argument of the remark).

With all the furore, you’d have thought it was C major, wouldn’t you? Turned out it WASN’T the BAD C word (that I had defended on the grounds that the word owns its place in plenty of classic literature such as Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Lady Chatterley’s Lover, Ulysses … and many others offering a perfectly ‘legitimate’ way of  meeting the word).

But I had got the wrong end of the stick! No, it was the OTHER C word – the one used in Father Ted on the front cover of the newspaper announcing that some pop star was on Craggy Island and was proclaiming C*** power! He didn’t understand and remarked ‘I knew a Father Clint Power once… maybe she’s having a go at him’. You get the idea.

Anyhow, a heap of threads keep emerging with ever-more self-appointed custos morum denouncing coprolalia and other feculence as though society is now fouler than a backed up sewer. Without their righteous indignation and condemnation of estuary English, etc,  we would all end up in a slurry of alphabet soup with moral entropy.

For me, being offended depends on how a word is used – the context, the delivery, the intent, etc.  Steven Fry is an advocate of the expletive and poo-poos (as only General Melchett in Black Adder could) accusations that only lazy people swear – he says why isn’t laziness generally attacked then? Or, how ‘unnecessary’ swearing is. He made the point that his coloured socks and the cushions on his sofa were not necessary but he didn’t expect bags of post complaining about the unnecessary cushions. Fac ut vivas!

I also found, that coprolalia (the obsessive use of bad language) is found in some 15% of people with Tourette’s syndrome  and amazingly – deaf people with  Tourettes and coprolalia  profane in sign language! Maybe that’s the answer! I should learn sign language – though I think I know a couple of universal gestures already – and swear with the abandon of a mad woman scattering her underwear out the window of a tower block.


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6 Responses to Pearl Clutching Laughs

  1. Rachelle says:

    These are fabulous, thank you x

  2. Anne says:

    Fabulous toppers Helen thanks for sharing there so cute . finally figured out how to sign up to comment doh
    Anne xx

  3. Mema says:

    Wow Helen, these files are bloomin’ lovely, (am sitting here listening to Sinead O’Connor “Nothing Compares to You” – do you know it?… I just love it ) I thought I would pop on and cyber-visit you, only to find you had been busy!! Visited Delphine too… beautiful artwork, gotta love those chickens, lol!!

    Have to admit I am a bit of a cusser, too… it’s getting worse as I get older, as is my ability to comment loudly about someone’s dress sense; accent; or whatever at inappropriate moments, or to someone who turns out to be a close relative of my victim, at which point I have to plead early onset senility. My dear MIL used to do it and cause me such embarrassment when I was younger, but now I understand that it is a club you join as you progress in years! When I was in hospital awaiting the arrival of my son the woman in the next bed was visited by her partner who had Tourette’s; it was the first time I had ever encountered it and I have to admit it kind of fascinated me to hear the words seeming to explode from him. I didn’t even know what it was called and there was no Google 30 odd years ago, so enlightenment was a long time coming!

    As always you have made me chuckle with your blogging skill, and brightened up this wonderfully sunny day even more. Thank you for your generosity with the files you share – I also speak for the 11 or so souls who are obviously rigged for silent running, can’t spell thank you, or could find time to download the files but not to leave a comment…hmmmmm!


    • webmaster says:

      You are such a sweetie! I laughed out loud at early senility and the Tourettes! What a hoot! It’s very misunderstood and would give some of our more tender counterparts a fit of pearl clutching, I’m sure! I’m sorry to say, I would try to be understanding but I think I would laugh. I got served by a girl in a cake shop a few years ago and every time she spoke to me she ended it with Beep (not deleting a swear word here – she actually said ‘Beep’. I thought she was taking the p*** and could feel myself getting a bit wound up and looking round to see who else was in on the joke… It was very odd! I hadn’t heard of the condition at the time.

      Asa for my silent runners… if people are so moved by the wonder of my creations that they cannot find words or are struck dumb by the vision of loveliness before them I can only send blessings their way! Only joking. Now if only they had Tourettes…. they would at least say something!
      Have a great evening
      H x
      Yes I know the track – beautiful – I had it on mypod until Itunes went t*ts up on me recently! I keep listening to Adele – hooked on her at the moment.

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