Je suis un papillon

Doesn’t everybody love butterflies?! They don’t fly in straight lines but  oodle-doodle about enjoying the sunshine. They are so pretty.   Talking of pretty… Have you seen The Non-Dairy Diary blog of Delphine Doreau?  Her blog is so sweet, so colourful, so utterly charming! Her illustrations inspired me to have a go at some of her birdie ‘How To Draw’ tutorials  and try out a different style in PS so a big thank you to her from me for the inspiration.

I have been making a host of butterflies of different sizes and designs  to make a mobile with them and am giving away the template so you can make some yourself.

Thank you to Yasny Chan for the brushes!

I am sharing one with you and an ABR brush of the same design to go with it and hope you have fun with them.

I’m very out of touch with file formats for the CR /Silhouette these days  but  seem to get the impression that SVG is a common format so maybe I don’t need to… let me know.

Heart butterfly svg (€ [price])

Butterfly ABR (€ [price])

Heart butterfly GSD (€ [price])

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6 Responses to Je suis un papillon

  1. Mema says:

    Hi Helen, hope all is glowing in your world! Have to admit I am a band width burglar… had a disaster the other day and managed to delete the folder where I had a lifetime’s worth of “precious stuff” including several of your files!! “OMG what do I do now?” I thought (much cleaned up for public viewing!!), so I have raided you to recover the lost files. The “special” file you sent is safe I am pleased to tell you as it wasn’t in the folder, and this gormless idiot has now backed up her terabyte external drive with a failsafe (ha ha) backup system, and the freshly downloaded files reside in a “Helen” folder for future accreditation purposes when I get a blog to display on (I just might do it yet!!) Am loving all the new stuff you are doing and it was really nice to look back through your old posts and revisit your wonderful musings.

    Have a good one, and if you need to do a backup get right on it before it’s too late.

    • webmaster says:

      Heylo there! Bet that gave you a shock! Lovely to hear from you – how are you doing? I hope you get a blog, set out your stall and show your talents (ooer mrs!) off. Don’t be a stranger and keep in touch!
      Hel x

  2. Barbara says:

    Thank you so much! I do appreciate it! Your work is so incredible!

  3. Barbara says:

    Oh, yes, a GSD pretty please! It would be ever so much loved and appreciated!

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