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Toppers and Embellishments

Je suis un papillon

Doesn’t everybody love butterflies?! They don’t fly in straight lines but  oodle-doodle about enjoying the sunshine. They are so pretty.   Talking of pretty… Have you seen The Non-Dairy Diary blog of Delphine Doreau?  Her blog is so sweet, so colourful, so utterly charming! Her illustrations inspired me to have a go at some of her birdie ‘How To Draw’ tutorials  and try out a different style in PS so a big thank you to her from me for the inspiration.

I have been making a host of butterflies of different sizes and designs  to make a mobile with them and am giving away the template so you can make some yourself.

Thank you to Yasny Chan for the brushes!

I am sharing one with you and an ABR brush of the same design to go with it and hope you have fun with them.

I’m very out of touch with file formats for the CR /Silhouette these days  but  seem to get the impression that SVG is a common format so maybe I don’t need to… let me know.

Heart butterfly svg (€ [price])

Butterfly ABR (€ [price])

Heart butterfly GSD (€ [price])

Photoshop tutorials

Print and Cut using PS for design work

This is a quick tutorial on how to create a design in Illustrator, paste it into Photoshop (I do it a lot because I have a large number of patterns and brushes set up for design work – many more than I do for Illustrator), apply a pattern and then paste back into Illustrator to output as a cutting file to the Craft Robo Pro.

I never print the cut or fold lines and take them out in PS. We all have our preferred ways of doing things, this just happens to be the one I use so I can apply my own graphics. I have posted the tutorial should you want to use the same method.

Print and Cut with ai, PS and the CR pro

Illustrator Tutorials

Non-Trig Trigonometry

There is a German word ‘Sitzfleisch’ that describes the ability to endure or persist in a task (literally translates to ‘sits flesh’ meaning the ability to sit at something for lengthy periods). I could think of no better word to describe the persistence and endurance of somebody I recently witnessed trying to rotate a triangle so that it would sit squarely on a box.

I had, coincidentally, created a little box that had the same issue in its design but took moments to resolve. It is based upon mathematical principles but involves no actual maths – just circles. Don’t be put off by the use of a few mathematical terms – they’re easy ones – just radius and diameter and I use no math, as such (ok, I multiply something by 2 but how hard is that?!). Once you get the principles you’ll find angles present no greater problems than working out what to have with your mid-morning coffee which you will have more time for  because you won’t be trying every which way to rotate your angles any more.

Here’s a quick tutorial – takes more words to explain than to actually do it.

Non Trig Trig PDF

Digi stuff

The Squirly Tree

I liked the squirly tree that I created for the Fairy House graphic so much I made a brush out of it. I loved the little squiggles, snargles and twiggly bits in it and want to use it for other things and am sharing it with you.

Squirly Tree ABR

I also realised that there is a certain squirly curl that I like to do a lot – you’ll see it in the wire-work smoke from the fairy house chimney pot in the last post and in a water colour I did recently:

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