Most Magical

Walking along the beach today I played my usual game of counting the blue gloves washed up from the fishing boats. I spotted one without any fingers and wondered if the rubber had perished or had somebody had their fingers bitten off.

I was dismayed by a dog doing its business on the beach while the fella walking it  did his hundred yard stare so he could be oblivious to his dog’s rear action! I felt like kicking him up the backside. The man, not the dog. I hope he was wormed. The dog, not the man this time, ha ha.

I then went round by the church and off to the pond to give the birds our left over bread. Unfortunately for the ducks and swans, there are quite a number of black headed gulls that can snatch the bread in the air. They are impressively fast and their aerobatics are to be admired but it means that the bread has to be thrown in several directions very quickly to create enough of a diversion so the duckies can get to it.  They also screech like harpies and feeding the birds can give the ears a bit of a slap!

Anyway, I have been creating something for my scrapbooking in PS that you might have a use of yourself.

It’s 300 ppi and a .png.

Many Thanks to Obsidian Dawn for the Sparkle brushes

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