Birdbox bonanza

Little birdbox templates are popping up like mushrooms all over the place so I thought I’d post mine so you have another one to enjoy. These are fun to make and look so sweet and pretty. Cut two in contrasting papers and dress them up like a tea party.  I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them yet. You’ll see there is a little hole in the roof should you want to thread something through to hang them up. If I glue the strips of lacy topping on the roof I make sure to thread the ribbon or whatever through first to avoid sticking the lace immediately around it.

I really wanted to find a set of ‘3D’ shoe buttons to stand my birdbox on but couldn’t find anything like so had to settle for painted wooden beads instead. If only I had found some shoes then I could have called it ‘New Shoes’. Nevermind, the beads look cute and the birds from the Singing Tree came down to have a look. At least, I think they were just looking… it is spring and their thoughts do turn to other things than food…

Hope you like it.

Birdbox gsd (€ [price])

Birdbox SVG (€ [price])

Please check the cutlines and folds. In Illustrator I use two colours: blue for folds and black for cuts (in this case) but once it’s been converted to a .GSD  there are four colours. It is fairly obvious which are which but do check before you send it to cut.

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