Oh so pretty pram!

I have made a number of prams over the past week – all slightly different – from wheels shapes and sizes to hood frills, some with print and cut bits, and covers. etc. I will get them posted this week – along with the bag which I finally finished. It hasn’t had an outing yet as it’s a fine weather bag and won’t go with the heavy waterproofing we’ve all had to lumber around in like Wombles this winter. The design and the colours of the paper almost match a dinner service I had. Sadly, all that is left are a few saucers which are now used for Mr Cat’s tidbits.You know how it is, I’m sure.

Anyway, here is my oh so pretty pram that I’m actually going to design a special keepsake box especially for.

I got round to making the box but am going to redo it and make it a little more chi chi! For the time being, it’s pretty enough, though.

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One Response to Oh so pretty pram!

  1. dea says:

    Do you sell this file of pretty pram? How can i buy it?
    Thanks for your atention.

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