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Well, finally getting back into the swing of things. It’s hard to believe that this time last month ago everything was busy busy busy! Have things gone back to normal for you yet? I had some lovely presents including ’19’ by Adele. I fell in love with her voice and the bluesy mood of her music and am wearing the CD out listening to it over and over. I also got ‘Exile on Main Street’ by the Stones. I like their earlier stuff and this album is just superb. I really love Ronnie Woods and would so liked to have had him as my dad!

I also love Bach, particularly his choral compositions and though it can be depressing if I’m not in the right mood, I was also delighted to receive a boxed set of The Passion of St Matthew. Some (I won’t say I love ALL of it) is truly beautiful and will stop me in my tracks whatever I’m doing and just listen.

Talking of Bach, my partner and I finally got together as a couple instead of friends after seeing a performance of ‘La Pantera’, billed as ‘Erotic Bach’. It was the most pretentious load of old hairy dangleberries I had ever seen. Women stripping off with the eroticism of a curled up sandwich. Boxes of shoes being swept off the stage. A net of  (what looked like Jenga) wooden blocks released onto the stage, also to be summarily swept off just as quickly by a performer more wooden than the blocks. And more surreal nonsense and rubbish. Come the interval, the internal dialogue inside my head was going something like ‘If he says that was superb and starts intellectualising about the juxtaposition of this to that, the interplay of the music with… la la la … that will be the end of something that hasn’t even started…’. Luckily, he turned to me and said ‘What the bloody hell was that load of bo**ocks?’ and we fell about laughing and went back for the second half, knowing it was going to give us plenty to giggle about!

Anyhoo, back to Christmas… in my stocking was also a compilation of Operatic arias and extracts which included ‘The Ride of the Valkyries’ which is hugely successful as background music for spring cleaning to. I can sweep majestically through the rooms with my duster and polish as though clearing the storm clouds from the horizon and hurl bits of Christmas debris and crap into the bin with the precision and force of a warrier woman with an arsenal of lightning bolts to deliver. Try it and see.

With the big clear up out of the way and the relief that the first bin collection also brings so I can start to relax and slow down again. And with eleven months to go to next Christmas, this year I will be ready earlier!

I have been making some Print and Cut Easel card house thingies. They were designed as invites to a house warming, the idea being that the invitation details, time, address, name etc get stapled inside when the roof gets stapled on but there’s nothing to stop you from stapling a little bag of sweets or other mimsy instead.

It really was a fag to get the graphics (all ai) into the CR software with the Cuts and Folds. I ended up taking the graphics into PS, saving as a JPEG then inserting the image into Robo Master Pro; then exporting the cuts and folds as a .dxf and loading in then having to rescale ( not a problem between ai and PS as they remain the same size) and aligning them as best as I could. Maybe there’s an easier way? If you know, tell me. I really never use GSD – I don’t even have the drivers to cut GSDs from my machine so it’s not ground I cover very often, if I can help it.

So, here you go:

Many Thanks to Coy Dreamer for the ABR flower brushes.

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  1. PaperPopUps says:

    The housewarming design of yours is wonderful, beautiful and heartwarming.

    Keep up the great works. Cannot wait to see more.

    Happy thoughts,

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