Fairy wishes pram

There’s something about this little pram that makes me nostalgic. Maybe I had a dolly pram like it when I was small… I can’t remember but who knows.. All babies should arrive with blessings and good wishes, hence the fairy (One of my  Babajees) to bestow them.

Many thanks to Obsidian Dawn for the fairy wings. They are so pretty.

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2 Responses to Fairy wishes pram

  1. Mema says:

    Just love the prams, Helen and the bag is gorgeous… clever old you. You reminded me that I have a set of handles taken long since off an old worn out favourite bag of mine. I must look them out and have a go at a creation of my own! By the way, many thanks for the flower file which I just downloaded. That will be useful for some birthdays that are approaching fast. Winter makes me lazy and steals my mojo, lol.

    The iRobot is a really handy little fella, and learns the layout of a room (!) plus can be programmed to trundle off on his own and then find and dock with the charging station when finished (if he doesn’t run out of puff and get stranded in the middle of the floor), but is best on solid or laminate floors as the suction is a bit weak to, for example, get black dog hairs off a beige carpet (note to self; next time choose a dog that compliments the decor rather than one that licks you silly in the rescue centre!!) I think the company that originally made the machine has gone out of business, so no idea if they are still available to buy – have had mine a few years now.

    Have a great weekend
    Hugs, Mema

    • webmaster says:

      Thanks, chick. I love the idea of a robotic vacuum cleaner – it must be pretty cool! No outfit complete without animal hair, eh?! I have a cat and he doesn’t match anything either!

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