A spring bloom for you

Today I have been spring cleaning my hard drive. I polished the panes of my Windows  till they sparkled.  I cleared the cobwebs and dust bunnies out of old file folders. I picked up tempers that were lost along the way of design creation and generally brought order to the creeping chaos that is ever imminent and waiting on the path of distraction. How (clap hands) clever am I?!  Now when DH wants anything I tell him I’m too busy looking holy but he tells me my halo will get too tight. Ha ha.

I found this little bloom popping it’s head above the Works In Progress in my Photoshop folder. It should have been in one of my Illustrator folders. Don’t spring flowers tend to do just that – pop up in unexpected places? It’s a sweet little flower and will sit prettily on any window sill or mantlepiece.


Many thanks to Moha and Police Media for the butterfly brush. Many thanks to Abduzeedu for the PS tut that the backdrop is based on.

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One Response to A spring bloom for you

  1. Barbara says:

    You knew I was missing narcissus because in Florida it is too hot to grow them except in pots. Oh, am I glad to have this! I LOVE it! Thank you!

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