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Fairy wishes pram

There’s something about this little pram that makes me nostalgic. Maybe I had a dolly pram like it when I was small… I can’t remember but who knows.. All babies should arrive with blessings and good wishes, hence the fairy (One of my  Babajees) to bestow them.

Many thanks to Obsidian Dawn for the fairy wings. They are so pretty.


Stripey Bag

And here is the bag material that inspired the vintage pram! I got this from Ikea and it’s a lovely heavyweight cotton. Luckily, there’s plenty left over to make some other things. Come the warm weather when coats are a distant memory (ha ha – it rains a lot here) and  us ladies are wearing our pretty sandals and nicely painted toenails it will get an outing into Dublin, maybe.

The pattern is one of my own making and has been used to make the other bags on this blog.

Thank you for looking.


Oh so pretty pram!

I have made a number of prams over the past week – all slightly different – from wheels shapes and sizes to hood frills, some with print and cut bits, and covers. etc. I will get them posted this week – along with the bag which I finally finished. It hasn’t had an outing yet as it’s a fine weather bag and won’t go with the heavy waterproofing we’ve all had to lumber around in like Wombles this winter. The design and the colours of the paper almost match a dinner service I had. Sadly, all that is left are a few saucers which are now used for Mr Cat’s tidbits.You know how it is, I’m sure.

Anyway, here is my oh so pretty pram that I’m actually going to design a special keepsake box especially for.

I got round to making the box but am going to redo it and make it a little more chi chi! For the time being, it’s pretty enough, though.


Photo cube action for Photoshop

I was reading Photoshop Creative last week and came across this free photocube  action from Turning Turnip ( It’s so cool. In addition to the action there are also instructions on where to install it, etc, so it’s easy to use.  Once installed, simply open up your image in PS and click on the Action button and follow the prompts to OK and Tick things along the way.

This is a picture of a Firefox (or Red Panda!) taken in Chengdu, China 2008, at the Panda reserve and breeding centre. Baby pandas are dead cute, like giant balls of fluff. Older pandas seem to eat and sleep mostly, but the babies play and climb everything. Adolescents play fight and wrestle and chase each other up trees for bits of bamboo – and fall out of 20ft trees and just get up like they had rolled off a log.  I didn’t know that the fire fox was any sort of panda so was surprised to see them. This was probably the best shot I got; generally, all  I saw was  a collection of tails dangling from trees where they were sleeping. They are also evolutionarily unique (I think) in that they have two thumbs – one either side of their palm.


And the very vintage pram

I’ve been inspired by black and white stripes ever since getting some stripy material from Ikea for Christmas and am just finishing a bag – only need to attach handles and top cuff  so nearly there. The material is  beautifully striking but so simple and it was easy enough to quickly make a stripy pattern in Illustrator and  print out on a couple of  sheets  of paper to make something out of.  That something was another pram and here is a pic  – it’s surprising how well stripes work with it.

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