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Cutting files, Digi stuff

If you haven’t got your tree up yet, here’s a couple for you!

A quick posting but a good one – freebies!   There are loads of stamps like the one above – text laid out in ‘shapes’ etc. This was designed in Illustrator then pasted into PS to convert into a digi brush.  If you like this one, download here:
Free Treetext Photoshop / PSE brush (ABR)

More fun with Photoshop  – I love the stuff that Abduzeebo does. I based this on a tutorial he has on his website: I included some lines using Blend Option Dissolve to add some more sparkle but the resolution here doesn’t do it justice!

I’ve also been designing a box in the shape of a Christmas tree. I saw one on the web somewhere and liked the idea and had a go at making one myself with Illustrator and my Pro. It’s free for you (go to the bottom) as an SVG and a GSD:

A few pictures to help you assemble it easily:

Happy Christmas!

Download here:
Free Christmas Tree Box

Got to dash.


Sugar bells

It was a day of waiting and anxious window watching… I ordered something online and couldn’t stop myself checking the window every so often for a ‘sign’ the van was on its way. I don’t know why I always do that. It doesn’t make them come any quicker. If it did, we’d all be flapping our curtains like bats and fleets of delivery drivers would be screeching to a halt all over the shop.

The waiting did give me time to get on with some odds and ends like making sugar bells. I’ve had a set of three cake decorating bell molds for many years and thought it might be a nice idea to make a few for this year’s cakes. They’re very easy to do – in principle – but it took me several attempts to get the sugar / water mix right (for every couple of heaped tablespoons of sugar add water a few drops at a time until it feels like damp sand). Pack the mold and gently pat down with the back of a spoon.

Then, another little wrinkle learned the hard way – tap the mold upside down on the worktop or other hard surface, until you see the sugar has shaken free of the mold – you should see a bit of a jiggle.

Then, holding the mold upside down, place something flat on the bottom – I used glass coasters – turn them the right way up and carefully but quickly lift the mold up and away! If you try to do it slowly, you’ll get the shakes or a fine tremor and you’ll knock the sugar and when that happens it will collapse like a sandcastle. Trust me, I learned a thing or two about sugar molds this morning.

They’re also messy. I ended up making them in the sink so that the spilled sugar could just be rinsed away afterwards. Even so, before I’d realised that the sink was the way to go, there was sugar schmutz everywhere. Still, I’m pleased with how they’ve turned out and once I got the knack they were easy to do. I’m going to use the silver balls as clappers (will attach with royal icing) and will probably glue (with icing) a bow or some fondant holly and berries on top.  Still to decide on a real theme for either of the cakes so will have a think and see what appeals (very bad pun totally intended – sorry!).  I am helping a friend out with some snow-boarding penguins next week so that sounds fun but am tending towards something old-fashioned and ‘homely’ for mine this year.

Anyway, with sugar everywhere the kitchen got vacked and mopped. That’s a good thing, really.

With no delivery in sight I got on with mods to the 3D church I’m making:

The one on the left was the centre-gable one that I miscalculated and ended up with the porch sitting some 10 mm or so below the bell tower… Tweaked and modded (the one on the right)  but still wasn’t happy with it so set the bell tower over to one end of the roof with different windows. But still not happy – a few more tweaks… I changed the doors so they would fold in  and added a few fancy bits so just need to cut it out and assemble it. I love making them up! No time to get that done today though. And out tonight but maybe I’ll get a chance tomorrow night.


Finally, had some fun with Photoshop:

The 3D function in PS is fairly nifty and the above was a simple rendering of my copyright digi stamp onto a 3D donut.

The delivery didn’t arrive so more curtain flapping tomorrow. The snow didn’t settle and the pavements are just plain wet. I DO hope it snows for Christmas Day though. Well, time to make tea and get ready….

Bye for now,

Hel x


Christmas, Photoshop brushes

Christmas PS / PSE Brushes with a Nordic Influence

It’s snowing! It’s not settling  – yet! The air is thick with big fat curls of snow!

I’ve been busy making up a set of brushes inspired by the many Scandinavian stamps and themes I’ve seen in crafting mags and on jumpers and scarves and other stuff around at the moment.

I’ve got a set to sell:

Lots of borders and elements that will go well with any Christmas wrapping or cards.

They are 2.5 euro for all the images you see in the picture above.

Payment is via Pa Pal (which will convert your currency into euro). You will receive your ABR (Photoshop /PSE)  brushes when payment is received.

The file is zipped as it is quite large to make downloading a little quicker for you.

Thank you for looking

Hel x


Paperclay Tags

Not quite the same but similar to the ones on Kirsty’s Homemade Christmas… but am delighted with how they’ve turned out! As Kirsty would say ‘They’re beeeuuuutiful!’ – well I think so anyway.

I made mine with paperclay – it dries in the air so no baking – and snowflake fondant icing molds. Paperclay kneads and rolls smoothly but when you cut out shapes you’ll find it’s quite fibrous and leaves a fuzzy outline of ‘hairs’ or fibres which actually makes for a nice effect.

When they were dry, I coated them with a thin layer of Modge Podge to seal them and that was that. They’re beautifully simple among all the glitz and glamour around at this time of year.  The paperclay says it’s non-toxic (does smell of Germolene though and VERY drying on the hands) but I did wash them thoroughly afterwards so hopefully my cake won’t be the Typhoid Mary of rich fruit cakes round here.


This is a fakey gift I wrapped just to show another tag. The paper is from Paperchase in irridescent gold. The embossed piece in the middle was a little experiment I did with layered newspaper, glued together and coated with Gesso to give it tooth and texture. It was then embossed and inked up with embossing ink and heat embossed with a clear glittery powder. I’m definitely tending towards the plainer and ‘cleaner’ look this year.

Well, those cakes won’t marzipan themselves (though they’ve had every opportunity!) so best be off and get on with them.

Hope you have a happy and relaxing weekend.

Hel x


Have you seen the time?

It’s sixteen days to Christmas….

Forget that Keep Calm And Carry On…. time to get busy like Dolly Parton’s one legged man in an ar*e-kicking competition…

But did you see that beautiful heart garland and polymer tag set on Kirsty Allsop’s  Home Made Christmas last night…. ? Get thee behind me…. no distractions now, I haven’t the time to be side-tracked and start playing … have to wait for the weekend… but ohhhhh I want to make them….

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