Very late frosty advent icicles

I was with friends Saturday and they asked if I had made advent icicles again this year … – nope! Had forgotten all about them. I made them up today minus a week’s worth. I like to make the inner cone from silver crepe paper (or gold) but they look nice with any colour, really.

Here’s a pic – I will post the template for the cone cut out and the crepe paper inner and a set of affirmations that I usually enclose with them.

Here are a set of icicle templates with instructions and affirmations – enjoy.

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3 Responses to Very late frosty advent icicles

  1. Mema says:

    Thank you so much… I seem to have become your “blog stalker” lol!!

    Mema x

  2. Mema says:

    These are another fantastic idea… hadn’t thought of it but wish I had!! If you do have time to post the template etc it would be wonderful (and my tree will certainly boast some come the big day!)

    Thanks for all your generosity, stay warm and snug

    Mema xx

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