Last little teahouse this year!

We’re having a get together and are putting on our tealight villages this weekend so I made a last one to  vary the scene a little more.  I am still hoping to make a sleigh but time is against me getting it done before Saturday evening now, I think. It’s all good, though I am reaching the crisis of realisation. I have started  checking how many days left for posting around the world to friends and family in far flung places and the words ‘it’, ‘cutting’ and ‘fine’ can be re-arranged to neatly sum up the situation.

Anyhow, I made a couple of these latest tealight houses and they look lovely with all the others. These are two-storey with a front porch and a turret room, you’ve probably got one yourself…. ha ha.

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7 Responses to Last little teahouse this year!

  1. Barbara says:

    You never fail to astonishe me! This is magnificent! I am truly in awe of your talent!

  2. janabrwn says:

    Unbelievable! I don’t know how you do it! This is awesome!

  3. Tom says:

    OH what a sad christmas I have, my town miss a house!!
    Do you think you make this house to a GDS file. PLEASE 🙂
    I love this small houses!
    Happe new year!!


  4. maggan 60 says:

    Wonderful te house wonder if you will share gsd file???

  5. Tom says:

    WAUUHH a new house to my vintervillage ???

    I have make all the other house, and the look so sweet!!!
    But now a have a problem, I miss the last one 🙂
    Do you also make a GSD file to this house. Please 🙂


  6. Mema says:

    Oh… my….word!! I want a house like this – a real one!! Magic, just magic. I don’ t even know where to begin designing a template like this one. Brilliant work.

    Mema x

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