Print and cut houses

Having fallen in love with my CR all over again since rediscovering the fun of print and cut, I made a few house boxes . You’ll see that various graphics have been re-used – like the birds from The Singing Tree banner and Home button icon. I also made use of various window designs created for the tealights. I’m happy to show you this little print and cut house but note it still needs mods – you’ll see that the inside of the windows are bricked up!

I get so focused on getting the graphics the way I want them then miss something obvious like that! I also drew some icicles to dangle from the window sills but forgot to switch that layer on when I sent it to print… still, you can see it’s getting there. The handle makes it useful to hang up on the tree  so I will put a few chocs and sweeties in a few and hang them up.

As you will see,  the one above is for somebody who is moving house very soon – they get the keys on the 13th December and are very  busy getting things sorted out for the move. We all know that feeling and I’m so happy for them – just hope they can get at least one or two rooms straight for Christmas. Not sure what to put in the box yet. I was thinking of some Chinese good fortune coins or a leprechaun  for good luck.

The boxes are sweet and with different graphics and text are easily modded to suit the occasion. First one I made looked lovely as I peeled it off the carrier.  As I looked at it more closely, I noticed it said ‘Good Uck…’  – checked the file – had missed the ‘L’ off!  Gah!

My thanks to for the ABR floral brushes.

I am just so loving making these.

I made a couple more just recently:

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  • PaperPopUps
    July 15, 2011 9:42 pm

    Hello and hello,
    Where can a person go to see all of your beautiful things for sale?
    I have been through the WordPress blog twice for a friend and only found 1 item she is asking about.

    Your work is beautiful!

    Happy thoughts,

    • webmaster
      July 15, 2011 10:00 pm

      What is your friend looking for Petrina?
      Anything that is for sale is currently on a pay for download. It’s fully automated once she goes through
      the payment operation she can download the file.

      Let me know if I can help in any way.

    • webmaster
      July 15, 2011 10:02 pm

      If she’s having any problem with the pay to download mechanism can you let me know. I ahve tested it, and I’ve had no problems, but if she is having a problem then I’d like to know so I can correct it.

  • janabrwn
    March 27, 2011 4:38 pm

    I love these!!! These would be great for any occasion as a gift box. Wow!! I am so totally awed by all that you do. I only wish I had half the talent!

    • webmaster
      March 28, 2011 7:41 am

      Thank you Jan – though I don’t believe you don’t have talent! We all do! If you ever want to know how to do anything, let me know and I’ll see if I can help.

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