Well, I stumbled upon  a site giving away the most brilliant little boxes! They’re fab! Check out: Like it says, they make little boxes featuring a whole raft of cartoonified characters. I downloaded Spock, Sonic and Bender to make some fun sized mini-Smartie boxes as Christmas stocking fillers. They remind me of cartoons a guy a Uni used to do – (you still around Ges?).

I modded them a bit by adding bottoms with tabs so that they would close both ends. I also cut the arms into two and stuck them down flush inside the box rather than have them go through one slit and out the other as it used up the room inside. You’ll see what I mean when you look at the templates on the site.  I may yet cut his ears so that they can stick out like a London taxi cab with the doors left open …

I also deleted the  fold lines and used the Craft Robot print and cut function then made them up but have only taken pictures of Spock so far. Here you go! Check the site out – so many to choose from and all great. I think they might make fun table settings – could glue a banner with a name on for the box men to hold, leave the top off and stand a serviette in them.

I’ve just added (Nov 27) Sonic but there are just so many more and well worth a check! I’ve placed a box of mini Smarties next to the boxes to give you an idea of their scale. You can get two boxes of mini Smarties in the boxes so a neat stocking filler!

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  1. Barbara says:

    I had saved a lot of these in my files to pull out for a craft day with my grandson, but he wasn’t able to come, so I forgot about them. Thank you for the reminder. Maybe he’d like some to play with when he has his tonsils out.

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