Canned Heat!

I dusted down an old favourite and blinged it up. It’s definitely not Christmassy so what possessed me, I do not know.

It’s my old mate the watering can. I created it in 2008? Maybe earlier – I’d have to check the date on the original file. I saw it recently in the Do Crafts magazine – not credited to me – just ‘from on the internet’…  maybe saw the cut out template on SplitCoastStampers.  I gave it away to a couple of places.

But I saw it used on another site and they acknowldged me! Lovely!


I’ve called it Canned Heat cos I have been listening to Jamiroqai (sp?) and like that track and somehow, it kind of fits. Anyhow, I’ve given it a make-over. I’ve included the butterfly on top as well.  Hope you like them and enjoy. The GSD is below. Right click and Save Link To…. your machine.

Canned Heat (€ 3)

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