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3D, Christmas

Oh Christmas tree

When you’re snowed in and the north wind is trying to blow your chimney off what else is there to do but think about the beautiful things that can be made from paper (and other things!)??  It made me think – what winter village is complete without a few trees?  Luckily, having already been pointed to the work of Lesley Shepherd (who inspired the three-gabled buildings) I had hers for inspiration, (see: Make Cut Out Paper Christmas Trees for Winter Scenes and Christmas Ornaments). There are lots of free fantastic templates for paper miniatures to be found by her.

You will see that I changed the outlines and tweaked the patterns a little to arrive at the tree below (and a couple of other designs that I’ll try to get round to posting).

Each one is made from three cut outs of the template, folded in half vertically to give a six-sided tree. I got 6 cut outs from an A4 piece of paper so could make two trees per sheet. There were some early casualties – the carrier sheet was not sticky enough and little bits got ‘hooked’ up and pulled. Always disappointing. I won’t make that mistake again.

I hope you will have a look at Lesley’s work and like my take on her template. Thank you for looking.

You can see from the picture below that I added some candles to one version of the tree and changed the pattern in the middle.

I cut them from metallic champagne Conqueror. They are really,  really pretty and you will be delighted. You can spin them around with a flick of your finger!  You could also use invisible nylon thread to dangle them from a mantlepiece or make a Christmas mobile with them.  They’re easy to fold until your get to the tiny star at the end – I use the CR to make perforations but always score the lines anyway for sharp creases – it’s worth doing this to get the star all pointy and sharp. I used a ‘wet’ PVA glue and applied a thin line of it down the edge of the folded crease, lined the tree bits  up on top of one another then opened them like the pages of a book, one at a time but fairly quickly to make sure they had all adhered to the ‘spine’ but could still be separated before the glue set. Then stand back and admire – they are surprisingly lovely in real life!

Doodly Christmas Tree GSD (€ [price])


Christmas steam train

Something different as a Christmas gift box, a fancy little steam train. The engine has a lift off box (the chimney is the handle) and opens to contain the gift. The two carriages each carry a cube with a heart-shaped closure to contain some other small but lovely things. I am adding a cow-catcher and some other pretty finishing touches and will get to work on the box to present it in – always a chore and not my favourite creative exercise, but I do have an idea for something a little bit different to make sure the gift set is really special. Hope you like it too. Thank you for looking.

My thanks to for the tutorial ‘How to create Christmas background with snowflakes and stars’ that the graphic backdrop is based on.

3D, Christmas

Village scene buildings

I have been making a few more houses loosely based on some I saw by Lesley Shepherd. They’re pretty to add to a village scene but are not wide enough for an LED underneath so can’t be used as tealights but I may change that when I get some time. I wasn’t thinking about what they were going to be used for when I designed them – just enjoying making them, really.  You’ll see from the pics that they need some tweaking  –   I put things on wrong layers and the CR cut where I really meant folds and vice versa…   And the Craft Robot had its moments – it seems to re-orient the paper in the preview panel from time to time – like today!

I put the top panel on wonky and need to add one more tab to secure the roof properly but it looks okay at this stage and with contrasting window frames it will make a nice addition to the village scene I’ve made. It’s good to have have different shapes and sizes  to add interest and these stand taller, but thinner, than the others I’ve made. Once I’ve sorted out the tweaks, I’ll make another and add contrasting window sills and door frames etc. to make them look extra special and really pop!

Office tealight house GSD (€ [price])

Gabled village house GSD (€ [price])

Having sorted out the main roof tabs I sent the porch roof to a fold layer so no roof! And glued the porch on wonky! Next time, I’ll stick it down while the house is flat to make lining things up much easier. It will soon be sorted and remade then I’ll add frames around the windows and put it with the other houses. I have now some 16 or so LEDs for the tealights and a friend from round the corner who has helped make them up also has her own village scene and together we’re planning a lighting up ceremony when each of us puts our tree and decorations up in another week or so. I am starting to get excited about Christmas!

Updated December 6th 2010

I have modded the design for a three-gabled house so that it is now a tealight house. Please check the cutline settings on your machine as for no reason I can fathom, the conversion from .ai to DXF to GSD somehow translates the two colours I use for cuts and folds in Illustrator into 4 or five colours in the GSD. The blue lines are folds and the black lines are cuts!

village tealight GSD (€ [price])

I want to thank Rachel for sending me a photo of some of the tealight houses she made. Her little one gave some ‘technical help’ (haha). Well, they turned out beauuutiful and I am loving the gingham fabric trees in the background, too. Do you have a blog or template for your trees, Rachel?


Print and cut houses

Having fallen in love with my CR all over again since rediscovering the fun of print and cut, I made a few house boxes . You’ll see that various graphics have been re-used – like the birds from The Singing Tree banner and Home button icon. I also made use of various window designs created for the tealights. I’m happy to show you this little print and cut house but note it still needs mods – you’ll see that the inside of the windows are bricked up!

I get so focused on getting the graphics the way I want them then miss something obvious like that! I also drew some icicles to dangle from the window sills but forgot to switch that layer on when I sent it to print… still, you can see it’s getting there. The handle makes it useful to hang up on the tree  so I will put a few chocs and sweeties in a few and hang them up.

As you will see,  the one above is for somebody who is moving house very soon – they get the keys on the 13th December and are very  busy getting things sorted out for the move. We all know that feeling and I’m so happy for them – just hope they can get at least one or two rooms straight for Christmas. Not sure what to put in the box yet. I was thinking of some Chinese good fortune coins or a leprechaun  for good luck.

The boxes are sweet and with different graphics and text are easily modded to suit the occasion. First one I made looked lovely as I peeled it off the carrier.  As I looked at it more closely, I noticed it said ‘Good Uck…’  – checked the file – had missed the ‘L’ off!  Gah!

My thanks to for the ABR floral brushes.

I am just so loving making these.

I made a couple more just recently:

Cutting files

Snow flake top cracker box

This gift box was inspired by Claire Brennan of the Waltzing Mouse who gave the lovely template away on the Split Coast Stampers. I have changed the top and added tabs around the top to close it up and cut out snowflakes and patterns using the CR. I gave it a  light sssst! of spray glue followed by a  quick sprinkle of glamour dust and although it’s not obvious in the picture  it catches the light and twinkles beautifully.

You could add a name plate and use as place settings for the Christmas table. It’s very pretty and would look beautiful in any setting.

Hope you like it.

PS My thanks to Yasny Chan for the beautiful floral PS brushes

Thank you for looking

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