I am also working on a 3D windmill (based on a simple hexagon) at the moment. The picture below is the first modelling. I am going to make it taller and more tapered (less squat – looks like a circus tent), make the sails a bit wider and add some upstairs windows to the front (there are some to the back). The sail is attached with a brad so that it can rotate but it’s a bit flimsy and out of proportion at the moment. I’m hoping to get time to work on it before the weekend. We shall see. I have Christmas cakes to marzipan. They’ve been maturing with regular feedings of brandy and are ready for their glorious golden marzipan layer.

I finally got round to re-designing the windmill.  I made the one below as a print and cut so I could apply a pattern and make it a flowery (floury, groan) one this time. With an eye to Christmas this year, the design includes lots of little windows and petal cut-outs in the roof so I can include it in my tealight village! It’s obviously taller and thinner than the original with wider sails and is much prettier than the prototype and easier to cut as well  as it has only three parts to it: body, roof and sails. Thank you for looking.

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  1. janabrwn says:

    I love this!! I hope you will share the file some day! I love my CraftRobo and the print and cut feature. I had the Robo for a few years then finally figured it out as a New Year’s resolution. 2:30 a.m. January 1, 2011, I was up and running. It had taken me about 5 hours to work all the bugs and get it working with my Windows 7 and then figure out how to use the software. Now I print and cut all the time!

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