Fabric Book Sleeve with Pockets

As the title says, it is a cover for a book and there’s not much more I can say than that. Except that it ties shut with a short length of grosgrain ribbon. And it has a layer of padding inside. And the material is a happy party-mad cakey design.

So here is the front cover.

The cover of the sketch book  (A4) slides into the jacket  like a dust jacket on a hardback book.

And here is the inside back cover showing you the pockets for, theoretically, keeping sheets of paper and notes etc in:

But could be a teddy toe toaster:

And the inside front cover:

Note the pocket with stitched down channels for rulers and pencils.

Fred likes it so I’m happy with that!

Thanks for looking.

I’ve written up the instructions should you like to have a go at making one yourself:


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