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Chat, Papercuts

Just Noticed

…that the birdie on the appliqued bag mirrors the bird on the Singing Tree graphic! Yes, I did all the graphics for this site – just didn’t realise how often I used the birdie. It’s simple and cuts out easily with my Crafty Robot and has so many applications. I used it here on a pram I made with the Crafty Robot:

I have added a tutorial here to help crafters with some  Transform and Pathfinder functions:
Illustrator Transform and Pathfinder Tutorial

Just updating here. I saw this pop up under the ‘You may also like’ images today and it reminded me…  you wouldn’t believe the shi*storm this provoked. I was accused of stealing, well, being a ‘steeler’ (that wording still makes me laugh), and this person was going to tell the ‘world’ about me and sue me and get my site shut down! And, supporters in her cause also sent me vicious and nasty messages!

And all this for posting a PICTURE?! Nothing being sold or given away.

I think she finally accepted that the template wasn’t one of her ‘originals’, that there was no way I had either paid (seriously – why?? 3D prams are not difficult to design – I have created much more difficult designs in 3D and other things) or been given one of her original templates.

AND, what’s more, I hadn’t given or sold the template (too lazy to write the assembly instructions at the time, you see) so no financial angle in it for me or harm done to her, even if it had been hers – which it wasn’t.

She somewhat belatedly and deflatedly told me I HAD to credit her for being the inspiration for the scalloping. Like a drunk using a lamp post for support rather than illumination. That her pram picture and my picture could be overlaid EXACTLY!! Despite the fact that the scalloping on mine is symmetrical (try counting the number of scallops on mine and comparing how none of my scallops are clipped) and that images can be stretched, skewed, distorted and warped every which way you can think of.  ….

The worst she could have claimed is that I’d published one of her photographs – which it obviously wasn’t. (If she wanted to use ‘derivative work’ copyright law she’d have to first prove the pattern was her original design, which it isn’t, and has been used for thousands of years).

But after her vicious, nasty attacks and rallying of people on a certain forum to see how she could get my site  torn down, what incentive was there to credit her with anything except being nasty?  Well, it’s not stolen. . . It is my template. My design. Properly engineered. And like my site here, made by me.


Ruffles and Bags

Still on the sewing kick I thought I’d show you a bag I made with a couple of appliqué birds:

The bag is made from some old jeans. I appliqued the birdies on to some pretty fabric then attached it to the denim as a wide cuff.  It’s also fully lined, btw.


A quick aside – I was on the train the other day, nearly at Connelly, and the train was above the rooftops of the houses near by. Growing out of at least two chimney pots that I could see were Buddlias – the butterfly bushes!

Life finds a way!


Fabric Book Sleeve with Pockets

As the title says, it is a cover for a book and there’s not much more I can say than that. Except that it ties shut with a short length of grosgrain ribbon. And it has a layer of padding inside. And the material is a happy party-mad cakey design.

So here is the front cover.

The cover of the sketch book  (A4) slides into the jacket  like a dust jacket on a hardback book.

And here is the inside back cover showing you the pockets for, theoretically, keeping sheets of paper and notes etc in:

But could be a teddy toe toaster:

And the inside front cover:

Note the pocket with stitched down channels for rulers and pencils.

Fred likes it so I’m happy with that!

Thanks for looking.

I’ve written up the instructions should you like to have a go at making one yourself:


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