Pia Dora – Free Digi Layout

This is my first whole layout give away. It’s called Pia Dora which is Spanish for ‘Gift from God’ and has lots of sketchy elements that I either hand-drew and scanned in or created from scratch in Illustrator and brought into Photoshop.

The lovely font is called Jellyka Antique Bees – see more lovely stuff from Jellyka on Deviant Art.

Just like the weather here in beautiful Ireland, the colours are warm and summery. It includes a knock out layer – all you need to do is insert a picture on a new layer at the bottom of the layer stack. This will show through the circular frame.

It’s 300 dpi, 12″ x 12″, RGB.

I hope you will enjoy using it.

Free Layout

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  1. Leangona-web says:

    what I was looking for, thanks

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