Cracking on with things

Thursday was supposed to be hotter here (Ireland) than Barcelona. Must have been bloody freezing in Barcelona, then. It was dreich even with the heating and fire on. When the day is so cold there’s only one sensible thing to do – put the oven on and BAKE!


It’s a chocolate fudge cake, covered with chocolate buttercream (oh, the sweetie dust!) rich, tasty and perfect with a mug of good coffee. The fondant flowers were dotted all over in a wild celebration of the spring equinox (a day late, but that’s how we do things in our house). Actually, I was just using up the fondant flowers I had stored away…


I wouldn’t like to give the impression that all I make is cakes. In fact, I rustled up a cheese sauce and made a salmon and broccoli bake covered with grated cheese for tea while I was in the kitchen. It was delicious and both girls had little tidbit. Tummies full of salmon settled them both down to a full-on proper good cat bath and a serious snooze in front of the fire.


Baking really makes me happy though and cakes are always a joy. Obviously, running the oven costs money but heating costs are heavily subsidised in Ireland due to the fact that 40% of renewable energy is supplied by the cast of River Dance.


Love that River Dance gem – it was a Twitter comment in response to British MEP Daniel Hannon –  who, despite a double first in history from Oxford – was unable to grasp a few fundamental facts regarding Irish political history and offered up some f***wittery that received the good scundering it deserved. See more here for a laugh at the responses: Clickety-click.


On a more serious note, there is a shortage of housing in Ireland. The population is growing but due to the popular interior design of using house bricks to liven up dull floors here (Fr Ted Speed 3), there just aren’t enough bricks for new builds. Makes lives a bit gritty but that’s the modern world.


Sad to read about the death of Pat Flannon (Pat Mustard). He forgot his feckin’ trousers for the very last time and took his magical milk float to the great beyond. My next cake will be called a nungapunga (literally meaning without trousers) cake in his memory! Fyi, a cake left in its crumbcoat is often called a Naked Cake so that’s what I’m referencing (not slightly tenuously… ahem) and am going to bake next.


Since I’ve had a new kitchen, I no longer catch my sleeves on the handles of the units because my new ones don’t have handles. There were days when the snagging and yanking me back across the kitchen with sufficient force to cause whiplash injury drove me crazy but those days are no more!  I often suspected that inanimate objects harboured malevolent and hostile behaviour somewhere in their molecular structure. Just like I now suspect that the Internet of Things means that all my smart electronics are talking about me between themselves as well as passing all the embarrassing data like how I leave cucumbers in the fridge to the point of primordial slimyness to ‘interested parties’ out there.


They’re always listening, recording and reporting so for fun I often shout out random words like ‘Purple Blitz Pooper’ and ‘Soggy Foof Bags’ to see what seemingly random matches Google will pop up on my devices to incite me to take that one small click to Amazon… . I don’t need incentives! I am on already on first name terms with Jeff!!!


Anyway, I digress, and on to my interesting word find.  RESISTENTIALISM. It’s a noun relating to the theory that inanimate objects demonstrate hostile behaviour towards us. It’s a great word that our lord gave us to use here on earth when we feel beleaguered by the little boll**k goondas in our home and work environments intent on mischief and malarkey.


USAGE (from Word a Day:
“Scornful and uncooperative objects — pianos that mock our sausage fingers; computers that develop transient but alarming hypochondria; keys, socks, and teaspoons that scurry off to their secret covens and never return. There are certainly days when resistentialism seems the only explanation.”
Michael Kaplan and Ellen Kaplan; Bozo Sapiens: Why to Err Is Human; Bloomsbury; 2009.


I also love German for being the source of some of the most wonderful words I’ve ever met, how about:


Backpfeifengesicht – a face in need of a punch (similar to the French tête-à-claque)


Zweckentfremdung, which translates to ‘goal alienation’, or ‘using something for a purpose not originally intended’. Our closest English word is ‘utilise’ which is so dull in comparison.


That’s all I have to say for now so until next time, have fun and be good!


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