A Cautionary Tale about Car Hire and Adobe Fun with CC


The graphic above was created in Animate – I saw a video that used this effect and wanted to have a go myself. I ended up doing mine quite differently but the end result is the same. Check out the inspiration: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SuUjUDGAqt8.

I went to the UK last week and hired a car from a place just a little way from Manchester airport. I hired a Mercedes just for the day. Beautiful car. Beautiful alloy wheels.  I drove a relatively short way – about half an hour, stopped. Then a ten minute drive to another place. Then a 10 minute drive to another place. Quiet side roads,  smooth driving. Nothing untoward.

Took the car back a couple of hours later. Again, smooth roads and driving. The guy went out and said there was a scuff on the wheel arch. WTF?! He got a camera and went and took a picture of it. I said I haven’t scraped or scuffed the wheels. He didn’t listen. He got the paperwork together then – he said ‘Oh – you took out zero excess – you have nothing to pay’.  I don’t believe for a second that I did any damage. When I got back to Ireland, I looked them up. Green Motion Car Hire. Well, check them out yourselves – seems they have a pattern of spotting ‘damage’ to cars and charging inflated sums to repair them. So, the moral of this story, my friends, is if you hire a car – pay the extra – take out zero excess insurance and these nasty, chiselling snollygosters won’t catch you out and empty your pockets.

Adobe CC

I am upgraded to Adobe CC! The previous version was CS6 and a few years old. The new features across the whole suite is a lot to learn but I’ve been trying my hardest.

The video I’ve posted is a mish-mash of Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Character Animator, Animate and Premiere Pro. It’s a work in progress with a lot still to do (the audio is awful – dunno why that’s so bad) but you get the idea. Stitching all the individual bits and pieces present sits own challenges and am still trying to work out how to include the Animate file (Adobe Fun posted above)  into the video I’ve posted. Hannah is obviously looking and pointing in the wrong direction for the glass ball particle explosion so when I re-do it will reverse the background picture and ball (the picture is taken from Rosie’s Walk by Pat Hutchins – I love the sweet graphics).  There are a ton of things to correct but I’m getting there. It all helps me learn and that’s the objective.


This mountain landscape was a happy little play in Illustrator to get used to the latest interface and icons. It was based closely on this tutorial: https://design.tutsplus.com/tutorials/how-to-create-mountain-landscape-in-flat-style–cms-28759

Anyway, nothing much more to tell so until next time, be happy, have fun and always pay for zero excess.


See Through Balls

Keep your eyes peeled – I’m going to record a video tutorial on how to create a transparent orb in Photoshop. The script is roughed out and am ready to go through the the sequence of actions to show you how to create the effect and the magnified text that shows through it. It might not happen until the weekend but I’ll see what I can do.

How is the new year treating you? How many of those resolutions have you kept so far? Mine? Rubbish!

Christmas Eve 2017

Christmas Eve 2017

This will definitely be my last post till maybe New Year so am here to wish you a Happy Christmas.

I am somewhat worn out from the work that has gone into this last week but relieved it is finished. The end result is so worth the mess and the cleaning up. Mr T’s finger didn’t drop off and is healing well.

My living room now looks like Christmas is welcome!

I had always wanted somewhere to hang up our stockings. His is full. Mine is empty…. Just saying! (lol)

The angel isn’t a traditional stocking, she’s more of a drawstring bag. I love her. I have a silver one very similar that I kept for my mum. She spent most Christmasses with us – even though she did pinch the chocolates off the tree! I honour her every year by making sure there are plenty of robin decorations – her favourites.

The tree has room to breathe now that the tools are out of the way. I usually put up a big tree but this year there just wasn’t room but this one looks pretty. I would love a real tree but Mr T breaks out in hives if he goes near one. We still have a few small decorations to put out and cards to put up but not chores. Happy things to do with some little bits of tidying up to do. Nothing intense.

The sofa is dressed up in a Christmassy throw.

And we popped up some net lights on the window.

The Poang up the corner (with a plushy cat cushion on) will be moved. There is still a mission to find some big, fat candles and some holly. I want to dress the table up a bit. I’m hoping that The Flying Tiger will have the candles. The idea is to use twine to wrap around each candle with a sprig of holly tucked in. And get some nice crackers in the sales. Most shops round here have loads of Christmas stuff on 50% marked price so bargain hunting already.

I want everything done by early afternoon. Tonight I want to be feet up on the sofa watching Scrooge (the Alastair Simms version) followed by The Shining (Stanley Kubrick version) for some spooky Christmas Eve atmosphere. Spirit of Christmas will simply be Baileys with ice.

So, once again, I wish you all a very happy, healthy, loving, peaceful and wonderful Christmas. x x x x

Dashing through the snow

Ok. There’s no snow. But I’m trying to dash as best as I can but we have so much to do. We are in the middle of ripping up the orange living room carpet – yes, the one I’ve been complaining about for nearly 4 years!  It has been down some 40 years, we think. Before carpet gripper was invented (tongue-in-cheek). It’s actually nailed down into the floorboards. This did not come as any major surprise to us.

On moving in we were both ‘wtf’ about many things but we came to accept some of the foibles of the builders (a near neighbour explained that the builders were still ‘learning’ as they built these houses some 50 years ago…) and the eccentricities of some of the electrical work such as the most unconventional wiring colours that worked despite defying standard electrical codes anywhere in the world.  However, the exposed live wire behind a kitchen unit we pulled out to make room for a dishwasher was still something of a surprise. Luckily, not a shock.

So why shouldn’t a carpet be nailed down? It’s as practical as the mattress protector that was hung like a curtain behind the front door as a draught excluder. I kid you not. In fact, waterproof mattress protectors had been utilised in so many ways not obvious to the ordinary person. Quite creative, actually. Luckily, their  availability saved buying dropcloths so not complaining.

The carpet has a thick felted underlay, a bit like horsehair and looks as old as dirt (the underlay). We have a big skip bag on the drive so as each section gets pulled up (we’re slicing through it in sections with a Stanley knife) it get chucked out. It feels tremendously cleansing and cathartic. It’s a detox-your-dining-room kind of exercise. We had already put the tree up because we had visitors with a little one earlier this month and wanted to have some Christmas spirit. In fact, we also had a proper Christmas dinner with crackers and and champagne. All for the fun of it. But now, it’s down to work and I want the room properly straight for Christmas! The robot tree decoration is this year’s acquisition. He was 30% off in Paperchase but I would have probably bought him anyway; I’m a big fan of robots.

We’re putting laminate flooring down, and, my goodness, it looks good even though only half the room is done. And we have yet to put the edging on which will finish it off b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l-l-y! We also have a Mexican pine TV stand with inlaid iron work in the doors. It was the true baked bean colour that Heinz has perfected so well. Great for beans but not TV stands. I sanded it down and gave it a black wax staining. It looks great. Toot, toot. Not down to me though, the wax did the job, really.

It’s hard going. We have to move the furniture from one half of the room to the other, lay the floor, then will have to move it back with the other half and finish it.  And clean in between. And, for some real crime scene drama, Mr T just sliced into his thumb with the Stanley knife. Plasters didn’t absorb all the bleeding… we ended up wrapping it in kitchen roll and sticking it down with duct tape. I promise you, I’d take him to ER in a heartbeat  but he insists he’s fine so until his finger drops off, he’s soldiering on.

We are both in our swampy gear and look as though we’ve been up and down the inside of an industrial chimney. My hair hasn’t been brushed since I got up and neither of us has had a wash or brushed our teeth yet. Seriously swampy and probably smelly, too. I can’t wait for a a tooth scrubbing, a hot shower and hairwash, then clean pyjamas and bed with a mug of Ovaltine. Please don’t call round until I’m presentable!

Amid all this mayhem and mess, the postie rang the doorbell with parcels. I was over the moon to receive an order for some wool from Pink Milk on Etsy. It’s the second order I’ve placed with Pink Milk (Heather) and both times she has got it in the post super quick. Even in this frantic run up to Christmas, when I’m sure she’s up to her eyeballs in everything like all of us, she got the order posted out to me unbelievably fast. See the pink floral wrapping? That’s the bag it came in- it’s really pretty and so nice to receive after the plain brown Amazon packaging. I opened it and literally gasped at the loveliness of the colours, even better in real life than the pictures on the website. The balls are squidgy and soft with a gorgeous texture – they’re 50% baby alpaca and 50% merino. If you have a wooly G spot, this wool will have you in raptures. You want to see for yourself? Here’s the link –  Am giving her a shout out for her brilliant customer service and going beyond the necessary. Thank You Heather!

Etsy  Pink Milk

So, six sleeps to Christmas Day. All the pressies have been bought and wrapped. Most of the food and drink is stuffed in the pantry, fridge and freezer. Tablecloth, runner and festive placemats are at the ready (bought some gold beady ones for a steal in last year’s sales, thank you Mr Dunnes). Cards delivered. Cleared washing and got things all over the house freshened up. Am pretty much set. So long as the room gets sorted out in time.

Anyway, I think I’m needed to help with the flooring, or maybe his finger really has dropped off, so will probably have one last post before Christmas. Until then, don’t wear yourselves out!

****Update:  one section of orange carpet to go!!! Then to lay the laminate down on that section, go round with the edging and tidy up!!!!!!!! Coming Home For Christmas!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!****

***Update 2: The mitre saw died. Bah. So best laid floorplans and all that… a dash to B & Qto get a new one and a stand as well. Ouch. But, it will be finished today. And the new curtain pole and curtains can go up!***

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